Sew This Bedroom: Headboard

Sew This Bedroom: Headboard

You’ll be resting easy with this dreamy headboard. We’ll show you how to make this DIY bedroom addition from scratch, plus how to customize it to fit your own style. For project details and printable please visit:



Peggy Higgins says:

You lost me when you started getting sloppy attaching the final material.

Pat Goble says:

You never answered questions like how to hang. Template?

Zulaiga Worth says:

Great video. Clear instructions. Clear voice. Good sound quality. Thank you

Brionna Best says:

how did you cut the wood ?

Gracia Inspired says:

Omg talk about handy!! 💪🏼I love creeping other DIY-ers, I made my 3 panel headboard with paint canvases!

Zane Blane says:

what about the headboard? Is it a template? If so where did you get it from?

Donna gunn says:

This process is ridiculous. If you are selling product, which you are, well I guess you make your point. But there are so many ways to do this and not waste all this product. Crazy.

Tomeycha Shivers says:

this is amazing but how did you stick it to the wall

pajamagirl123 says:

Would Home Depot cut the plywood board like this if asked?

abarnaa balakrishnan says:

This is amazing …

Ashley Longsine says:

What were the exact dimensions of the wood?

Royce I says:

Ive been looking for a video like this for quite some time and i absolutely LOVE hobby lobby! I will be doing this this coming weekend! Thank you!

Georgia Lackey says:

How long could I expect a project like this to take? Also, where did you find the fabric? I just bought this headboard with this exact fabric from a major home decor store, but if I can make it myself, why not save some money?

janeking king says:

This is perfect, the detail is phenomenal.

Joyce Gomez says:

Thanks for your video, it has inspired me to make my own creative headboard!

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