The ULTIMATE Outdoor Bedroom

The ULTIMATE Outdoor Bedroom

There’s just never enough room at the family cottage so brothers Kevin and Andrew decide that it’s time to build a proper guest tent – a seasonal outdoor sleeping area that’ll be cozy and dry. Knowing the idea of camping in a tent will be a hard sell to their wives, the boys decide to go the extra mile and tap into their feminine sides to conjure up a rustic chic aesthetic for this “glamping” project. Their goal: a fully-furnished outdoor bedroom that looks like it fell out of a magazine, picture perfect for a luxurious and romantic getaway.

What projects should we make next? Let us know in the comments!

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Gavin teeter challenges/vlogs says:

Make a underground house. If can

The Swedish Bikers says:

Make a small floating house

Weritnite says:

your videos are like from discovery channel

Ray Cook says:

make a tree house that has a slide that leads into the lake

Barış Yarar says:

If you want to live in outdoor bedroom, you need this amazing outdoor bag! (it's on Special Christmas Sale so don't miss it!)

iCbro21 says:

this may be out there but down south we like to make our own beer. you guys should give a whack at it

Warren Zausa says:

Tree house 😊

TinyTeeps says:

Floating gameingbsetup

shadowdance4666 says:

Make a pyramid.
Bring back the pharaohs

Gely Megan says:

Q romántico!!!!

krystle tysdal says:

Love your videos

Abdulhussain Ezzi says:

Do a floating hse

Like if y agree

Glybirdy says:

I maked this!

jesus m solis jr says:

Attach a hot tub in the winter time! Or in it.
With a heater fire place 🤔

Elliot Longworth says:

Make a submarine. Like if u agree

Page says:

Ayyy, I forgot you guys existed

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