DIY HMMWV Upgrades Overview – Project Humvee Battlewagon –

DIY HMMWV Upgrades Overview – Project Humvee Battlewagon –

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A quick walk around showing the current state of DIY upgrades on the Project Humvee Battlewagon.
More details here:

-LizardSkin acoustic and heat coatings (
-Interior paint
-Rear off-road lights
-2-man to 4-man conversion
-Solargizer solar panel
-HMMWV brushguard
-LED Headlights
-Milemarker winch cable mod
-Side off-road lights
-DIY light switch box,
-12v outlet
-Radio tray organizer with cup holders
-Ram Mounts cup holder
-Ram Mounts cell phone holders
-Midland Radio GMRS radios
-Aviation intercom
-Aviation headsets
-interior LED rope light
-pistol holster by GS Holsters
-4-man cargo divider
-cleaned floor mats
-rifle barrel clamps
-Future home of Blac-Rac 4x rifle rack
-back-up camera and monitor
-Streamlight Super Seige LED lanter (held during interior tour)

And probably some other stuff that I’m forgetting
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gitr dun says:

I was considering buying a humvee but after this geek session ill pass

Hummer Mods and Repairs for the M998 HMMWV says:

Great Video! How happy are you with the lizard skin? These thins are loud, and I want to know if you noticed a sound difference with the paint?

I'm curious how you modified the wires for the winch as well, I just bought a Warn SRS18-24V and wired it in.

540isilver says:

great video! i just recently got my c pillar for the 4 man were did you get the 4 man rails?

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