Under ₹300 Rupees ! Top 5 Easy DIY Modification Ideas for your car.

Under ₹300 Rupees ! Top 5 Easy DIY Modification Ideas for your car.

Hey guys Welcome to the new video!
In this Video I am giving you very cheap and easy DIY car Modification ideas so that you can try those and make your car look different from the other same cars like yours.

links –
#Pin Stripes Video- https://youtu.be/4dnKAzWfvF4-
#buy pin stripes – https://goo.gl/XwRMsr

#Vinyl Wrap Video – https://youtu.be/q88_iR7mIxA
#buy 2 meter vinyl Amazon Link- https://goo.gl/UE7MbS

#EL Wire Installation Video- https://youtu.be/cxnYaYr34tg
#buy El Wire – https://goo.gl/13r5FU

#Wheel Caps Painting Video- https://youtu.be/tb5SLX1UQHw
#Buy Spray Paint – https://goo.gl/6YbyPs




Your modifications are really superb and different from others.gud work 👍

sv vaibhav says:

Bro agar car sky cream colour h to ushpe konsa color alloy acah lagega

Aditya Paul says:

Tint Filming ka chalane b hota hai kya

RAVINDER 8607977974 says:

Bhai K10 vxi white per video's bhai modyfaied ki

Oyi Perme says:

Hello sir are you help to modified my car

krunal patel says:

Brother gloss wood wrap ek etios sedan ke dashboard me kitna meter jayega

Prakash.negi says:

Its chameleon, its a lizard which has that florescent colour on it that's why its named after it, your welcome.

Jaishree Chauhan says:

Auto hub led car light plz

tarasvin mehra says:

Bhai your way of talking is fab😂😂😂😂👌

Akshay Mahajan says:

Headlight tints are legal or illegal?
I mean will the police create a problem ??

Abhimanyu Chandel says:

Bahut e ghatiya

kaushik yadav says:

great job bro

kaushik yadav says:

great job bro

Ujjwal Singh says:

Brother your every modification ideas are awesome, I'd watched all your videos. There's a one request for you, can please advise some low cost modification ideas for Chevrolet spark model, please…

Chinmoy Prakash says:

guys check out this…rs 230 WagonR modification https://youtu.be/F3q5KFjupAM

Pranay Mantri says:

ये RTO approved नाहि है

Vinay Vyas says:

1:46 ye Gwalior ki gadi he kya MP07 he ya HP07

paul deep says:

Bhai i20 ka liya bato

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