Reclaim your GARAGE w/ DIY Garage Storage Shelves 🚘 FREE PLANS!

Reclaim your GARAGE w/ DIY Garage Storage Shelves 🚘 FREE PLANS!

Learn how to build simple, cheap garage storage shelves that use the wasted space above your garage door! Reclaim your garage with this easy weekend woodworking project. Gotta make some room for that Tesla Cybertruck 😜 Download the free plans :

πŸ“¦ Materials Used On The Garage Storage Shelves (affiliate):

Storage Totes :
3” Screws (attaching 2x2s to walls/ceiling) :
2 ½” Screws (attaching 2x4s to 2x2s) :
1 ⅝” Trim Head Screws (attaching plywood) :
Wood Glue :

πŸ›  Tools Used On The Murphy Bed Build (affiliate):

Track Saw :
Miter Saw :
Countersink Bit :
Speed Square :
Stud Finder :
Magnetic Screw Holder (for my impact driver) :
Cordless Drill :
Line Laser :
Jigsaw :

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Crafted Workshop says:

Hope y'all enjoyed this one! Download the free plans here :

Benny Gonzalez says:

Great idea, but very unsafe. What you left out was telling your audience that decking screws do not have the shear strength to hold all the weight of the lumber and your personal belongings. I've been custom building ceiling storage from wood and steel for 15 years and always and only use lag bolts and standard nuts and bolts for installation and assembly. Many of y'all do your audience a disservice with poor or wrong information. Please do not be offended, I mean no disrespect. We as DIYers and professionals should do our best to properly inform those who do not have our experience.

Tony McSteven says:

One major issue is that the only thing holding the weight is the screws…

NM Nate says:

Perfect timing for this video. Looks like a good winter project. I'll tackle this along one side of our garage to start and then probably along the garage door side afterward. Will probably swap in some 2x4s, but I definitely like the simplicity of the design (it works really nicely for 10' ceilings). Might throw on some stain (or just paint) to dress it up a notch!

Bart fox says:

When you get older do you age or aze? Lol… great video btw !

pmenegatos says:

You should know that the ton

is used on metric and it is 1000kg, how much oz is that? πŸ™‚

Fred McIntyre says:

Nicely done Johnny! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

John Newburn says:

How high is your ceiling?

Mister Anonym says:

Hmm. The whole weight is carried by the screws. I dont think that this is a good idea. They arenΒ΄t done for this. Bolts should be used for this kind of situation. Or it might end in bad headake some time πŸ™‚

Alex Clark says:

How many times does Johny say ton?

Bear Creek Woodworking says:

A great way to add storage to any garage or other storage shed! They would be great to store Christmas Decorations! Yep, it's that time of year…lol.

Chris 0987 says:

Would that be too much weight to be mounted to 24 oc trusses?

Komar Project says:

Johnny This is an awesome build for storage. Just did the same thing in my garage but with some metal brackets and my coat was $166. So you got me on coat saving lol. Great job dude!!!

Dragonfly Woodworking & Leather says:

A great way to utilize the 'dead' space if your garage. I did the same in mine a few years ago

Ben says:

Hey man great video. How do you like that flexvolt miter saw? I am in the market for one right now for my garage so have been heavily considering the infamous Bosch glide given the low profile…but your setup got me to thinking I could just go mobile and not have to worry about clearance…price is similar too…

wilhelml says:

Is this a imperial ton or a metric ton you're talking about?

Double Dare Fan says:

Not all home centers properly maintain their panel saws. Your best bet is to take along a tape ruler, cordless saw, a straight stick, and 2 clamps.

Michael Galletly says:

I'll be building this in my garage. I've got these insanely high ceilings in my garage that I can take advantage.

meagan a says:

Love you channel and videos !! Anything home improvement and home makeover is my favourite and I love seeing you transform your home into a place that represents you so well! Keep up the great work I look forward to your videos !!

Shawn Hagen says:

Super simple, super smart, makes me regret the 8x8x2’ shelving unit I made for my last month.

Ian Wassink says:

"In this week's video I'll show you how to build storage for bins of your wife's f*@Β£~ng sh!t"

Doorkicker505 says:

I'm going to do this ! The only difference is is I will use 45 degree bracing from the back wall to the bottom of the shelf. My ceiling is very high.

Dogbert says:

IMHO, if you spaced the vertical supports less, you'd have less wasted space between the bins.

Steve Combs says:

Great Video Brother!

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