Weekend Project: Smartphone Garage Door Opener

Weekend Project: Smartphone Garage Door Opener

In this project we use Blynk, a mobile app that allows you to control internet connected Microcontrollers like the Particle Core to build a smartphone-controlled garage door.

Full Project Instructions: http://makezine.com/projects/particle-core-garage-door-opener/

Download the Particle Code: http://cdn.makezine.com/make/BlynkGarage





Ken says:

I am confrused about the relay configuation. I was excited about this project until I read on boot up it will glitch the relay, which for a garge door opener would be a bad thing. I have 2 garge door openers and wanted to use both relays. I am currently working on using a couple of ECO plugs aplliance modules. They work well, and no problem when loosing power to them. I will either hack the relay normally open contacts to close the contacts on my door opener button or I will use a 5 volt plug in supply to control a 5 volt relay to make the closure on the opener button. The ECO Plugs app so far has been 100% reliable.

Serviciosymas says:

beginner here, parts list with url please? thx!

Kent Endsley says:

All I heard was: "buy a garage door opener that comes with an app."

Trent Dowling says:


Michael Roberts says:

Need some help troubleshooting: My project seems to work fine. I tap the button on my phone and I hear the relay actuate. I tested with my multi-meter and I see current flow across the relay when I push the button. I install it to my garage door opener and nothing. It did work for a short period of time, then it quit. The relay still actuates, but it doesn't open/close the garage door. I'm starting to think the relay has gone bad. Any ideas for verifying the relay is working correctly?

SogMosee says:

Where can I learn the basics of some of the things he is talking about here? Like where can I learn about "terminals", "breadboards", "jumpers", and "relay boards"? I don't want to just go plugging things in without really understanding how it works.

Raphael Letourneau says:

Way simpler to go with a raspberry pi. Just open the remote , short the button and activate the power via GPIO ( via Web interface) took me 5 minutes

Alex Beyer says:

Could you do this with an ir command? That would be safer, right?

AnotherGuyOnYouTube says:

Great. Now when someone steals your phone he can also break into your home.

MrSoulBack says:

Try to find the right contact by bridging some contacts with a jumper wire until something happens? i guess someone is going to kill himself while doing this. my garagedoor opener uses 400V AC for its motor.. also the contacts are right next to the lightbulb which will atleast work at 110V AC (depending on where you live). Please add an anotation to warn people of this danger so nobody gets hurt

Anthony Fernandez says:

is this legal 4 A firework display?

Jack Pollock says:

Can something like this be used from an external network? e.g. trigger something from anywhere in the world? If so does it need port forwarding and what ports would you port forward?

Erik Kovalik says:

I made a project like this but usin arduino but it had way more stuff

Beall619 says:

Liked, but I have tried blynk and it don't work

dablet00 says:

please show us how to make a smart doorbell! it will send text whenever someone rings the bell

chbrules says:

ESP8266 + relay + ULN2003 driver IC = simpler circuit.

Trent Harrison says:

be warned, newer garage doors with added features like timing and wifi capabilities won't work when shorting terminals. they won't work for any form of home automation besides the proprietary capabilities from the manufacturer. in other words: not for makers 🙁

Tareq Kirresh says:

is this essentially a glorified decoder and Radio transmitter?

why not just use bluetooth and an aurduino

yonie says:

I would use an Esp8266

BodduFactor says:

Does this work with raspberry pi too

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