NEW! DIY | The BEST Home Security System NO WIRES | Kami Home

NEW! DIY | The BEST Home Security System NO WIRES | Kami Home

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Markell Williams says:

I’m sorry that happened and is happy to know no one was hurt sis Denise. Love y’all ♥️

Vintage pearl Rodriguez says:

Thx darling awesome going to try it 🙏👍💋

jacqueline akens says:

You and yhe hubby are couple and home goals! Thank you both for all the insperation!!!

Shay Renee says:

Denise smart advice…thanks.

Myhomejourney with Christe says:

Perfect timing 👌🏽. I am comparing home security systems for my new home that will be complete next month. Never heard of Kami so I’ll add it to my list. Thanks so much for sharing! 😊

Dawn Bentleah says:

I want this, I just bought a trail camera and it doesn't even have an app so I have to take it down and check the SD card to see if anything happened.

lynnmarie Bell says:

Thank you so much iv'e been looking all over for something just like this,wasn't able to find a wireless one was gonna invest into the Ring security system, it was somewhat wireless having to still connect the doorbell wires into your doorbell wires which was not what i was looking for , But this was right on time "Heaven sent".. I love your videos and all you do and present on your platform i greatly appreciate it.

Alicia Una Ryan says:

Glad you got extra security, as here in South Africa, the crime rate is at an all time high, we live with cameras everywhere. Your Kami home system is so convenient with it's remote mobile use.
Greetings from South Africa

Monique Lew says:

👍 I was thinking about investing in the home security.

Angelic Frade says:

Thank you so much for the recommendation Denise! Would you recommend this system for renters? Moving out on my own to a new city (far from family) and needing some peace of mind especially for my pets while I’m out.

nannamitchdm says:

thanks for the info

SoulSetApart says:

Your voice is so calming !!

LoveDianaBanu says:

We have a wireless camera system and it’s a game changer! I love all of the options that this system comes with such as a motion detector! Thank you for sharing!!

Jeanette Torres says:

Keep us posted on how it’s working for you !! PLEASE!! I’m looking for an affordable home security system and there are so many I don’t know which one to choose!!!!


This is awesome. Great for my college teen living off campus.

Random Jasmine says:

Does this work well for apartments since it’s wireless?

Horrisa Jones says:

Very helpful and tfs

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