Raspberry Pi Home Alarm System With Android Client

Raspberry Pi Home Alarm System With Android Client

Raspberry Pi based home alarm system, using PiFace.
Python alarm system, providing monitoring of motion sensors, and remote buttons. Also acts as a server for remote control from Android client.



CWNE88 says:

Thanks for the comments. I like hearing different people's take on how they'd approach this project. Please keep in mind that what I've presented in this video is just an example. The main concept is the use of the Raspberry Pi with PiFace for inputs and outputs. The rest is really up to you. All of the suggestions made here can certainly be done. I have other parts to this system that I have not presented here, simply because it's my home alarm system and would be a tad silly to share exactly how it works with the public! Remember, don't lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Leo tric says:

Is there a way you can make the system "tamper proof"? As in if a wire is cut the pi can sense it and start alarming?

A Way says:

I have had a similar alarm in mind. Having a regular alarm center with added pi. Concept, with all on pi adding smart functions like presence level (How many in what rooms etc) and nice map to phone. Without internet revert to regular alarm. Just a ide, thinking alarms might have some sensor intelligence that not having to reinvent.
Great work, wish I had the time to do mine 🙂

John P says:

5:14 blank plate needs more LCD

fedemtz66 says:

You could find a way to program a remote function that arms/disarms and opens/closes the garage door and then you could put that in the tesla automatic garage door opener

Scott Mcdonagh says:

Is there any chance you showing me your program

desparky says:

Soooo… here I am again. Through a chain of random clicks doing some research, I ended up on your youtube channel yet again. I guess we are both Aussies, drive a model S, and stuff about with electronics. I've had a Raspberry Pi sitting around for a couple of years, meaning to update my Picaxe based house security system. Finally getting around to it! Thanks for showing us your setup and thoughts. Cheers.

Gavin Güler says:

can you go over the python script you are using?

James Saunders says:

This is awesome, did you need another screen also? 🤣

S B says:

I'd like to hear more about the 'app' to communicate to the pi remotely.

Dale Marcell says:

Ok I understand you kept the old wires I just it saved you a bit. A wired alarm is rather old school going wireless is a far better technology. I thank you for sharing you system. Have done the same I understand your enthusiasm with DIY projects.

I have also got the bug a few years back and started my own alarm system project

With 3 raspberry pi’s running MotioneyesOS to record anyone going into private areas like the walkway to the garage to records and sends a notification to the main alarm system (LattePanda Alpha) Windows 10 pro (Sever)

I ran a raspberry pi as a VPNServer that takes care of my network.

Using 8 raspberry pi w as custom sensors for fire, water and Motion takes care of most of the exterior access (doors & Windows)

I can monitor each Raspbian Pi using a free iOS app. It can give me the status of the CPU temperatures disk space and much more. I can run a terminal app to send and receive information.

On a number of wall mounted 23” displays using a Raspberry Pi’ I can monitor each camera. The LattePanda alpha can be also accessed by Remote Desktop.

All of the DIY alarm system software is open source. The hardware (Canadian prices) is around $ 1,200.00 some of the hardware was purchased used on eBay for 1/6 of the cost. A Raspberry Pi mode 3 B cost me between $35 to 65 each. The one Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 GB was around $85. Without keyboard mouse or screen. All the other Raspberry Pi’ ran headless.

All the things I outlined are available to anyone.

It all started by watching a UK YouTuber called ExplainingComputers. Go have a look on what he has to offer

Gary says:

could you share the python code??

Afif Ahmad says:

Does the Raspberry pi recognise a 4-state PIR using EOL resistors?

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