DIY Faux Granite Countertops and Painted Cabinets $150 TOTAL!!

DIY Faux Granite Countertops and Painted Cabinets $150 TOTAL!!

This was a really fun, simple, inexpensive project that gave my kitchen a whole new look! The cost for redoing both the countertops and cabinets cost us only $150!

The two videos I followed step by step are below;



**If going for a white countertop look, use polyacrylic, not Polyurethane. I used the Polyurethane and it has yellowed especially under stationary items (toaster, dishdry rack, etc.). All part of the learning experience 🙂
I’ve heard that Polyacrylic will not yellow like Polyurethane does.

Primer used on counter tops: KILZ interior Oil based primer



martine. mjt says:

nice job. you can also use epoxy resin for a shiny durable countertop.

Mental Health Matters says:

thank you for breaking this down. can't wait to see your other stuff

Annointed One says:

Great step by step tutorial. The end results look very nice

S A says:

Awesome job. HGTV here you come girl!!

Shelly Reese says:

Nice job, the kitchen looks nice and the black appliances and the pop of the color red. I applaud you for doing something to make your home cozy bright and inviting, with everything we do we learn. And if everyone took what they had and made it the best they could, this world my dear would be a different place. You have done a Great job

J S says:

Really nice job. Keep making videos. I'm going to do this is my old beach house. thank you for the video.

Pj2222 Mcneely says:

Love this. Thx for sharing. I needed some inspiration. Have subscribed. 😊

Valery Hutchins says:

Great job! Thanks for sharing your process!

mary oconnell says:

You did a great job! This is exactly what I want to do in my dated kitchen. Thank you very much for your tutorial!! Best wishes.

Neil Saiman says:


CutFrumADifrent Cloth says:

couldn't really hear because of the background music but the project came out good

Debra Durso says:

Good job! Very pretty 👍

SayWhaat says:

Polyurethane yellows, fairly drastically especially on white, over time

Shawnta Pascal says:

Im sooooo glad i came across this video .. we want to or well i want to lol re do my kitchen counters and cabinets and i wasnt really sure but now i am .. my husband is skeptical bcuz im always doing something so i hope he will enjoy this as much as i plan to lol

Marie M. Conroy says:

Your kitchen looks fantastic! Martha Stewart did marble in one of her kitchens and yours looks exactly like hers. Exactly. Congratulations!

Alia Jaber says:

Wow great job that looks like a professionally done job it's absolutely beautiful thanks for sharing

Virtuous Lady says:

love it!!! great money saver

JoJo Ber says:

very nice can't beat the rpice either 🙂 good job!

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