DIY Kitchen Makeover | Budget Kitchen DIY Remodel | Painted Cabinets | Before & After

DIY Kitchen Makeover | Budget Kitchen DIY Remodel | Painted Cabinets | Before & After

DIY Kitchen Makeover Reveal | Before & After
See my huge DIY kitchen makeover! I share before and afters, highlights from the renovation process, and a final reveal tour.

Full reveal begins at 12:53

Full tour of this finished kitchen:

I moved! Here’s my new kitchen:

Below is most links and information about the project. Feel free to comment with any other questions! Thank you so much for watching!


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This project took TIME and PATIENCE. It took me about a total of 4 months to complete it. I did lots of prior research and paint testing about the products and process I should use to paint my cabinets. You will find tons of posts on Pinterest with titles such as “PAINT YOUR CABINETS WITHOUT SANDING” or “NO PRIMING NEEDED.” But the reality is, if you want a good finish, proper adherence, and longevity, priming and at least some sanding are absolutely crucial. I tested out both chalk and milk paints on my cabinets, and the coverage was not that great since the surfaces were so dark. Using either one of the products would have cost me significantly more in price and not save me much on time.

Everyone has different experiences and opinions, but this is what I have determined and the process that worked for me!


Lightly sanded on inside of cabinets with sanding sponges
Cleaned all surfaces with a microfiber cloth and Krud Kutter – this stuff works wonders.


Put down 3 coats of Gripper Primer by Glidden using a small foam roller and foam brushes for corners.

Sanded before top coat with an orbital disk sander, 220 grit – I purchased my sander specifically for this project and I have used it SO MUCH since. I can’t believe I lived without it.


Put down 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Advance in satin finish, untinted. This is the some of the best paint I’ve ever worked with and can’t recommend it enough for painting cabinets.


Since I was unable to find replacement handles that fit properly, I filled previous holes with wood filler and used pulls instead.

Amazon is BY FAR the best bang for your buck as far as cabinet hardware goes.

My original hinges were in terrible shape, but they were a very old style that is discontinued, so I ordered replacement ones from a specialty retailer. They only came in an antiqued brass color, so I spray painted them. The paint adhered well and gave an ok finish, but I have had some scraping and chipping from the friction. I wouldn’t suggest spray painting hinges if you can avoid it.


All walls were patched from bad cracks and damage, then painted with Behr’s Marquee Eggshell in Wheat Bread.
All new and old trim work was caulked, primed with Glidden Gripper if new, and given 2-3 coats of Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra Semi Gloss Enamel, untinted.


Previous flooring was a glued on vinyl tile. We chose to tear out before installing new flooring because it was in bad and uneven condition.
New flooring is a plank vinyl.
Everything I read about plank vinyl floors is that it can be installed right over a subfloor. In my case, I should have laid down an underlayment (I said subfloor in the video, which is incorrect). I think it would have created a better final result.
I have mixed feelings about this product. It did not cut easily with a carpet knife, as indicated in the instructions, and it has already scuffed and marked.


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Mary West says:

one thing—put a comfy chair along that wall in the "entry way/diner" so some one can sit and visit while you are in the kitchen. my friend has a kitchen the same age and layout as yours and she has 2 small but comfy chairs with a small table between them. all of us friends seem to hang out there where the coffee is. again, a very beautiful job.

Mary West says:

makes you wonder why anyone would choose dark wood cabinets doesn't it? Man what a difference!!! it looks so professional!! and the absolute brilliant thing about the whole reno is the under counter pot racks. they can be seen and are pretty to look at but not above the head where they can get coated with grease and dust. you and your hubby should put up a shingle and call your a reno business. great job.

Cana Trahan says:

How are you liking the Benjamin Moore Advance? Would you recommend it?

Maria Andrade says:

You're a Phi Mu!!! me too!!

fzilla42 says:

Awesome job! I painted my kitchen cabinets as well (actually had a very talented friend do them after seeing what she did to hers 😂), and it was amazing how much more updated my kitchen looked from that alone. Now everyone wants her to paint for them. Don’t be surprised if people start knocking on your door 😂. Again, you guys did a great job, it’s beautiful!

Kirky says:

If you get new countertops and put in a new backsplash it will look so good! The cabinets turned out very nice. 👍🏼

Kamy cO says:

Holy moly! You just saved me hundreds of dollars! My kitchen cabinets are made of the same material as yours. I thought it would be impossible to change the color. Thank you so much for the video! and the detailed explanations!

Barbara Burgio says:

How do you like the single sink?

PagingNurseRose says:

beautifully done💞

Mandy Moments says:

Well done looks amazing

bobbie rankin says:

I’m too old to try this, but it looks great

bobbie rankin says:

This would take me forever

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