Top 10 Off-Roading Mods For Your Adventure Motorcycle

Top 10 Off-Roading Mods For Your Adventure Motorcycle

Thinking of taking your off-roading skills to the next level? Or are you adventure riding beginner looking for some help? Here are some tips to get you ready!

Top 10 ADV Motorcycle Mods for Off-Roading:
0:33 – Knobby Tires Review:
1:03 – Engine Bars:
1:27 – Skid Plate:
2:08 – Radiator Guard:
2:37 – Hand Guards:
3:30 – Puig Adventure Foot Pegs:
4:04 – Handlebar Risers:
5:07 – SW-Motech Sidestand:
6:04 – Suspension Adjustment:

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Cyprian Guerra says:

4:04 I literally just watched a professional instructor saying bar raisers are what he most often takes off the motorcycles of people who added them because they didn't know how to posture themselves when standing on pegs. Just saying.

Kentucky Justice says:

Short, sweet and solid info. "Thumbs up" from this Kentucky boy.

GrtSatan says:

Beware of SW Motech products, they are junk and will not fit your bike. I have had nothing but grief with the crap I bought from them for my 2011 KLR 650. The skid plate took 3 hours to fit because the holes didn't align with the existing frame mounts. The TWO centre stands I bought both failed under normal use. Flimsy, useless junk.

David Phillips says:

Mirrors are one of the main mods to consider on a lot of bikes.

Moto Aventuras says:

Maybe those who broke their wrists with hand guards had them too high, and that is why they got caught up (?) Sounds logical? Nice vids F9

bgm1911 says:

Another great content video. Thanks for the laughs.

kastimizillion says:

Can't find Goldwing nobbies, please help.

Orlando Harrison says:

1:25 how are you riding if the sump guard "sees less action than engine bars"?
Keep the rubber side down.

Movie2 Feed says:

Want a video about normal bike for off road

Redneck Reviews says:

#1 tip

Get a Dirtbike

Mohammed Dashti says:

nice joke about kuwait๐Ÿ˜‚

WhE3l1E Yates1738 says:

Or u could buy a dirt bike

randomusernumber1 says:

SECOND PRO TIP! This comes from the time i was stupid , ineducated , foolish and in my stupiid uneducated foolishness i rode a bycycle . My shamefull past aside here is the tip , just the tip mind and iinly for a minute , because it takes but a minute to loosen yout break , clutch and other pocky bits on your handle bar so that they can rotate ( just bearely) out of the way of the ground instead of snaping in half

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