DIY Patio Project: Laying Outdoor Deck Tiles – IKEA Home Tour

DIY Patio Project: Laying Outdoor Deck Tiles – IKEA Home Tour

Looking to update your outdoor patio on a budget? All you need is this IKEA Home Tour Squad how-to video, some RUNNEN outdoor floor decking, and about an hour out of your day. RUNNEN deck tiles are easy to install, they come in plastic or wood, and you don’t need any tools. Here the Squad shares some simple installation instructions:

1. Measure the length and width of your space. Multiply them to figure out the square footage and number of tiles you’ll need.
2. Make an IKEA run for the decking.
3. Lay the pieces out creating a herringbone pattern. They simply snap together — it’s that easy!
4. Top it off with some furniture and accessories, and voilà — you have a beautiful outdoor living space.

Oh, and by the way, RUNNEN decking is weather-resistant and easy to care for. The tiles can be cut if you need to fit them around a corner or a pole. Plus, you can easily take the decking apart and put it back together if you want to clean the floor underneath!

Explore IKEA’s full line of RUNNEN outdoor flooring here:

Explore IKEA’s line of outdoor furniture and accessories here:
RUNNEN outdoor floor decking is easy to install. It’s weather-resistant and easy to care for, since it’s made of plastic. The floor decking can be cut if you need to fit it around a corner or a pole. Plus, you can easily take the floor decking apart and put it together again if you want to clean the floor underneath!

What’s IKEA Home Tour? We’ll tell you! We’re sending a team of IKEA experts on the road to help America solve real home furnishing challenges, big and small, and transform their living spaces. The Home Tour Squad is hitting the road to assist those who need help with home projects – from closet organization to living room style upgrades to bedroom makeovers – and to illustrate genuine solutions that make everyday life at home better. The Home Tour Squad will come up with a plan and go shopping for the furnishings and accessories needed at the local IKEA store. The homeowners and the Squad members will then accomplish the transformation together! Plus, the Squad will film their journey along the way.

The IKEA Home Tour Squad is a team of hand-selected IKEA experts from across the country. They specialize in everything from home design to organization to sustainability at home. Each Squad member comes from a different background and contributes their unique expertise to help homeowners on the tour. Their journey will be chronicled through before/after makeover videos, tour footage, and video shorts featuring design tips and interviews with homeowners. Squad members will also be sharing live updates from the tour via Twitter (@IKEAUSA) and Instagram (@IKEAUSA) with the hashtag #IKEAHomeTour.

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Amelie Erdbeer says:

my Balkony is more of a triangle Form but i like the look of the plastic decking better then the wood, can i still just cut it to fit?

7saany says:

Has anyone tried placing this over medium pile carpet? im allergic to carpet but complex wont allow me to change the carpet only pay for 1700vynil plank flooring

Mirko Solimena says:

it is ok on grass, with a sand level for stability? any IKEA test on it? or anyone has runnen on grass?

Iron Tongue says:

If you watch this to the end, you'll notice that there was a noticeable gap in the flooring at the left. This was not mentioned but we see the finished floor where all the tiles were moved to the left and cut tiles used to fill-in the gap, now at the right side.
I think this should have been addressed as it was necessary to cut a lot of times in half to fill the space. It would have helped to see how the tiles were cut, and how it was done.
Because this vital step.was purposely ignored, I feel that this video is disingenuous


is it ok to use this over grass?

Xiaoxiao says:

What tool should you use to cut the decking to fit the size of the balcony? Thanks!

Susan Hale says:

Can you install these on dirt or sand??

1videoshow says:

RUNNEN Wood is really bad. Even if declared for "outdoor", it's not! A bit of water / rain and this wood is broken, bent, end destroyed…

IKEA USA says:

Hi Cathleen Anderson-Luciani, great questions! Our RUNNEN floor decking can be cut to fit around the curved edge of your patio. To clean beneath the tiles, simply take the floor decking apart and put it together again when finished. It's easy as they were designed with this in mind 🙂 We hope this helps!

Cat says:

looks fantastic and so easy to install.  Two questions – can you cut them to fit around a curved edge patio (3 sides are rectangular) and how to you suggest to clean the flower petals, dirt, and crumbs (that will attract ants), underneath the titles?

Saving in NYC says:

Beautiful and neat. Love it.

Leana McDaniel says:

Love the dark grey.  Are they fade resistant?  Is there any kind of wear warranty?

Eric Ebsen says:

Is there any texture on the surface and how slippery is it when it's dry or wet?

piyaji840 says:

Hi ,I just bought a house in Bakersfield California, and would love to get it decorated IKEA style .
Please let me know what I need to do.

hounddoggy7 says:

Nice! Now I just need my own deck . . .

dakidsbac777 says:

Can i use this for my balcony that isnt closed in, and how do these mats do with tain and snow?

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