How to Design and Install a Paver Walkway

How to Design and Install a Paver Walkway

Watch to learn how to plan and install a paver walkway including preparing the base, block patterns and tips and tricks to make sure you get the project right the 1st time. Click here for project details:

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asf dayan says:

The planks on which I lay the stepping stones are called. It's a good job

Adam Ceesay says:

My back yard looks so much better now.

Mãríšøl M says:

Sooo who’s down to come to my house and do this?anyone?

Trish Mattos says:

what is the color of this house? love the green

Hoang Bui says:

6' of gravels?? do we really need that much of gravel??

earthwatcher2012 says:

me (idiot) oh this looks easy

Devin Haisma says:

Really using safety classes when laying bricks

LMAO0O0O0 says:

DO NOT use pvc pipe, it flexes and will not give you a level base, use metal pipe instead.

Fuck Google says:

concrete is advised

The Citizen says:

Yo, i live in bahrain and want you to apply that to allllll bahrain. Walkways around each residential block…so is it applicable for a largescale project

Brian Gillespie says:

I did this today and my everything hurts!

Just FYI, don't get the paver base sand from Lowes, it's very lumpy (chunks of clay and wood) and the reviews are bad, you'd be better off with regular sand or paver sand base from somewhere else. Get more polymeric sand than what you think you need (and be sure after you pour it you tap all the paver blocks because it will suck down the polymeric sand a bit) then pour some more. The paver panels are expensive and you'll need more than what you think but I do like them and they seem to make things easier.

Cutting blocks was easy with grinder with concrete cutting disk.

Once you pour the polymeric sand and start sweeping it in the cracks you will see it take shape and feel a huge since of accomplishment and relief as the end is near!

Our project was the paver blocks shown at very start of video and cost around $600 and included walkway (about 20-25 feet) and small landing pad by side door.

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