How to Make a Tile Patio

How to Make a Tile Patio

Cover your plain concrete patio with Mexican Saltillo tile to give it a face life and create a Southwestern ambiance. Home improvement expert, Ron Hazelton, walks you through the process.

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George Standers says:

Great tutorial

Gail Phillip says:

I am going to try this.

Remington Mcneese says:

I am sure that you will find good way to make it on WoodPrix website. Just google WoodPrix 😉

Romaine Athey says:

This time I'll use woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂

Larry bird says:

this video inspired me to take out a bay window and also pour a concrete patio extending from the bay window now removed into a set of French doors. this video also made me rip all of my siding down and put up new siding and also reset my toilet in the half bath. Great video I did this all by myself inspired just from this video

arvind padhiar says:

Hi Ron, do you have a video about self leveling garage floor, and what kind a product do i have to use ; thank you.

leonard payne says:

Would have been a faster job if he had his hands on the tiles and not the widow.

Jules long says:

I got inspired to do my small 6ft x 10ft deck!

dozdeshabb says:

Good video, It would have helped if you sealed all tile before installation.

Melissa Lynn Hurwitz says:

super helpful !!!

Anna Lupinski says:

good job,I like it

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