Building my Workshop (FULL BUILD, 1 HR) | Woodworking | DIY | How to | Shop Build

Building my Workshop (FULL BUILD, 1 HR) | Woodworking | DIY | How to | Shop Build

The FULL construction of my workshop in 2016!


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bob bob says:

Am I the only one who hears him say “mowing decks in the winter time and snow plowing in the summer time”

Wood Work Therapy says:

I would love to do this someday! What an awesome build. Now I just need a plot of land! 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to make this video.

Arturo Gonzalez Thomas says:

I thought that this kind of special eople (delivery guy) only exist in Argentina. Nice work, congratulations for your project.

W F says:

Wish I’d planned for a bigger work shop 20 years ago. Mine is 1/3 the size of this 😭.

Freq Flyer says:

beautifulproperty, where ya live?

Bonnie Kornfeld says:

Yikes! Yes scary ride lol. Afraid of heights! Wish I knew someone as talented as yourself where I live. Need a new horse barn. Nice nice job!

joey blokker says:

thanks for sharing your workshop

MaloneBeeFarms says:

Great build! What are the dimensions of the shop?

Jim Cooney says:

thanks for sharing your video

Baron Ash says:

Never got to do anything like this with my dad. Thank God for youtube, so I can learn how to do these things, so one day my kids can do this with their dad ☺️

B Kipp says:

Awesome video man. Thanks for sharing!

Brad Cheek says:

That was a great build. I enjoyed watching. Thanks for sharing.

Lee Vacer fpv says:

Dude, this is a fantastic building. Well impressed.
Looking forward to watching the Rest.
Thanks for sharing

View to a grill says:

Looking pretty good. Take care!

DIYfferent says:

I have to say, that was the worst lumber delivery I have ever seen. Seriously?! When they needed to drop off the delivery, I think they took that wayy too literally. I would have seriously felt like an idiot delivering someone's order like that. … Great editing as usual. Cool build seeing it from the start! Your "good friend Mr. Sun" clips were hilarious, lol. So much for that "friend". XD

Wooden One says:

These builds sure do look easy from an AC'd office. Next you will need to do a "then and now" video of the super shop.

Christofix - DIY Projects says:

Nice build. It's going to be so much better thant the storage tent

Land to House says:

Amazing how the land has changed over the past year or so.

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