DIY Lawn & Garden Storage Shed: Part 1 | Darbin Orvar

DIY Lawn & Garden Storage Shed: Part 1 | Darbin Orvar

In this video Linn @ Darbin Orvar uses a variety of Rockler products to build a backyard storage shed for housing lawn and garden tools.

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Andreas Cappello says:

wow good job

Epileptic Dogs and Guns says:

Wow! I'm very impressed. Great work!

Martha Bibby says:

Good job…may I ask where you got your dust mask? I would like to buy one.

alone mee says:

I've been researching into constructing sheds and found an awesome resource at Wilfs Shed Formula (check it out on google)

Luisa Simplicio says:

If you is interested in shed plans the best results that I have had was with the Wilfs Shed Formula (just google it) without a doubt the no.1 course that I have ever followed.

Badmin X says:

Hey Linn, you are so so so nice and so hard working – its great to watch you and hear your wonderful voice – thank you for your video – you speak sooooo wonderful – greeting from germany

Harris Magruder says:

My kinda woman…………..

abderraouf zeroual says:

the best success that ive had was with the Wilfs Shed Formula (i found it on google) without a doubt the no.1 course that I've followed.

B Cook says:

Is that an RZ mask? How do you like it(if it is)? I was thinking of getting one but not sure if it was worth it.

Javier Suarez says:

i like that you are using a mask while cutting the PT wood. Most folks forget or don't know to do that. Good start. Where did you get that fancy mask?

borocovs says:

you did all that by yourself, very impressive !! loved the video. Thank you!

Christopher Scherer says:

Well done!!!!

GettingDustyWoodWorks says:

How much did it cost you to make that ?

bobhailey1290 says:

Not being critical because you did a great job on the shed but you nailed the shingles in the wrong spot. Your supposed to nail them where the flaps meet the solid area. Basically 1/2 down.
Just don't want someone else to unknowingly put there's in wrong.

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