I am teaming up with Jen from How Jen Does It to share 10 easy + inexpensive home projects + DIY’s that YOU can do yourself! Be sure to check out OUR FIXER UPPER Playlist to see our house transform from Day 1.

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Regina Keels says:

Great idea on the curtain rod. I said the SAME thing today…why so expensive! I’m doing your idea today. Thank you!

Denise Schilling, REALTOR says:

I'm just now seeing this and you really have great tips. Love it!

Leigh Sutherland says:

There are some worthwhile ideas in the video, but that X on the hollow closet doors is not one of them! It looks like a mistake.

Johnny Dogg says:


Robin S says:

Great tips! Spray paint is my bff! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•

Anthony Burer says:

Hi Hillary! Really excellent video. Thanks for doing it!

Noname Someone says:

Your voice 😬

Debra Springers says:

When you chalk painted your cupboards did you paint them with a paintbrush. A spray paint gun?

Sherry Bjerke says:

Do you have a video showing you painting your fence black?

Paige Smith says:

Just subscribed. Looking forward to binge watching your videos. We're moving into our newly purchased home in a month after renting for the last 14 years. We're older and owned homes before that but had some bad luck and had to sell and rent. I'm looking forward to making our new home our own. There's only so much you can do to a rental, lol.

Linda Holding says:

Thank you girl ! That's awesome such inexpensive ideas I love it. Thank you.

jeffpc34 says:

Thank you! Just have one question. I just finished painting my cabinets and the front face of them all, but didn't paint the inside. I've seen both ways just wanted to get your opinion.

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