How to Make & Install Custom Shoe Molding

How to Make & Install Custom Shoe Molding

Learn how to make and install custom shoe molding to finish my sunroom renovation project. I make the show molding out of poplar and use the router to make the cut.

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Easter Stedman says:

so i made it too . just by using woodprix scripts:)

LJVS says:

really good job ! Enjoy

Kyo Kusanagi says:

Congrats !!!!
Excellent job !!!!

LetET2010 says:

also, what finish did you use for the trim in your video. looks sharp

LetET2010 says:

Hey Jon, what color stain and polyurethane finish did you use on the treads on the opening scene of this video

Carlos Sagastume says:

I like how you work

jmber27 says:

Another great video 👍

Kevin Kolodinsky says:

This is Great Jon! perfect timing, as I have been looking for detailed videos of the chair molding and panels. I am in North NJ an I am in the process of purchasing a 1929 Colonial that needs an entire Update! I have had Little success finding examples in NJ of updated Colonials for modern living. Any advice on doing this for Plaster Walls? this is Pre-drywall.. did you leave the actual panels the drywall instead of adding mdf? (Your method might work better for my plaster walls i think)

Thomas Gilbert says:

great job thanks for taking us along for the journey.

Olly Parry-Jones says:

Great video as always and congratulations on reaching 200,000 subscribers. 🙂

Felix Espana says:

Is that the 10" or 12" miter saw?

Jimmy James says:

Hi Jon. The Sun room looks awesome! I love all that trim work!

Josh Dirkson says:

The trim master!! Looking forward to hearing what you think of the new mitre saw!

David Bishop says:

Great work as always.

jcjatho says:

The sun room looks great!!

Tim Davey says:

My God Jon, your work is awesome–and you make it look so easy and everything you do is very precise–I am envious –love your work

descargasdenia descargasdenia says:

Hi , it would be fantastic to that your work would be subtitled in Spanish, it is a suggestion, keep it.

Jp's Custom Woodworking says:

Beautiful sun room Jon, that came out great. >:)…JP

Chuck P says:

Jon, Fantastic!! It all looks wonderful. Good luck with the new mitre saw!!!!

peter griffen says:

I love the close up shots of your cuts…great video!

Hervé Vandevoorde says:

Good job my friend ! Congratulations from France.

Rui Teixeira says:

Beautiful work!! Thank you for sharing!!

Carter Wilson Workshop says:

The room is looking great, Jon! And I just gotta say – watching you work is so helpful. Even if I never make whatever it is you're making in a video, your way of working is so smart that I always pick up tips and techniques in every one. Thanks so much for sharing!

valmir de souza silva says:

The room looks amazing! Great work!

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