❣DIY Fairy Garden Hollow Tree House Jar❣

❣DIY Fairy Garden Hollow Tree House Jar❣

DIY Fairy Garden Hollow Tree House Jar(here is my video on making your own AIR DRY PAPER CLAY https://youtu.be/_Ef-U6aZEoI )
In this video tutorial I show you how I made a medium sized fairy log house using a regular mason jar, tin foil, hot glue, white air-dry clay and acrylic paint. It’s fun to make and you can use it as a decoration, secret hiding spot, or you can even turn it into a lamp by adding some battery operated LED candle lights. I will use mine for my fairy garden along side my other jar houses.
Materials and tools: one empty jar with lid, aluminum foil, air dry paper clay (you can watch my video on how to make your own air dry paper clay, easy and cheap), hot glue and watercolors. (A lot of you asked me if you can use polymer clay on this kind of projects. Of course you can use polymer clay but for bigger jars like the ones I used in this video you will have to use a lot of polymer clay and the whole project will become expensive. You will be able to save a lot of material using thin foil but still, I would recommend you to use air dry paper clay.) Choose a jar and clean it with hot water and soap. Think about the shape of your fairy log house. I made the basic shape of the tree using copper wire and tin foil for the faux tree bark and branches. I glued them together using hot glue. When I was satisfied with the basic shape of my log house I started applying clay. You can work in two layers if you don’t think you can make the texture from the first layer you apply. If the clay doesn’t stick to the previous layer I recommend you to water the areas you want to work on. Also keep a water container near by to wet your hands and working utensils when they get sticky. Use water to achieve smooth and shiny surfaces. Paint the fairy house in the desired colors. You can use acrylic paint or watercolors. If you use watercolors for this step I recommend you seal them in the end with varnish or regular hair spray. If you plan to place your house outside I suggest you coat the whole thing with yacht varnish in two layers. If it is glossy in the end you can use a matte spray varnish over the whole thing.
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You welcome you r great

Deb Hendrick says:

that is amazing …i subscribed …im new to you tube

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Can we use plastic jars

Amy Spriggle says:

Can these be placed out side?

Alice Wonderland says:

Nice job👌👏, I noticed you use aluminum foil.How secure is it even having the paper clay on top???

Glenda Rednock says:

I made one like this one you are showing. But I didn't wrap the foil as big as yours but it looks cool looking. I bough the colored air drying clay. Hope it works. I would show you how it turned out, if I had a place to send it to you. Thank you for the idea!

Maddie Aponte says:

Wow, this is absolutely amazing. Love it!!

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thank you so much for searing your creations … you have really inspired me .. I'm gonna start tommorow trying to do this myself … bless you .. greetings from Belgium

Paula Islas says:

Ok so do you like sell these amazing houses or something bc i really want one?

Wendy Hallett says:

LOL just found it keep up the good work you are so talented

Wendy Hallett says:

I just love your work can you tell me what sort of clay do you use? thank you

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Candice Ash says:

Hi can this be wet after iit is completed and has driec. I started one and I so want to use it as a cookie jar. I made the paper clay and it came out perfect. Thanks , Candice from Trinidad.

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