❣DIY Fairy TreeHouse Using Cardboard❣

❣DIY Fairy TreeHouse Using Cardboard❣

In this video I show you how I made a fairy treehouse using cardboard from pizza boxes and some twigs I found in the forest. The house is fun to do and it’s one of those projects that you don’t know exactly how it’s going to look in the end. It has an organic look to it because of the twigs. The process is simple. You start by gluing the twigs to a cardboard floor and try to arrange them so they give you a tree contour shape. Then start making the base adding volume to the bottom where the log will be. Decide now where to place the door and windows on the log and build volume around them using stripes of cardboard. When you have the log’s basic shape you can move on to the upper part to build the actual treehouse. I used other twigs to design the roof’s contour. The twigs dictate the shape of the house so try to see where the walls and roofs are going to look best. Be patient and try different positions until you find a good looking one. Now to the fun part. I started drawing and cutting the cardboard in the shape of the walls. Before I glued them on I marked the windows and cut them out as well. I decided to make large windows for the upper part because this house will be a night lamp. After the walls are in place start building the roof. Always start your roofs from the bottom so you get a nice realistic effect. I built a big roof over the house and a smaller one over the log. Visually I think this smaller one was the best way to have a split line between the log and the house. I added a small chimney with a few rocks on it and the upper part was finished. I started shaping cardboard making long stripes with some volume for the tree bark. I glued them vertically trying to fill gaps and go around windows as smooth as I could. I also curved some of those stripes at the bottom to make them look like roots. Although individually none of those stripes look like anything, when put together on the tree they look quite awesome. I used acrylics for coloring the whole project. I start with a darker base color for most of the surfaces and gradually added lights and shadows. One thing I did is I added white before the lighter colors. That helps the color on top so it doesn’t fade. For example if you have a black surface and you want to add some beautiful red on top you could go with the red directly but the red will get a little dark revealing some of the black under it. But if you add some white first, let it dry, and then add red over the white part, you will get a more beautiful red color. Hope this makes sense. I want to see more of your creations! So if you don’t know by now, I have a Facebook group called “Creative Mom Club” where you can share your creations with over 15.000 creative people. If you have ever wondered if people actually make stuff they see on my channel, there is your answer. So come join my group to share your creations and get inspired. I’ll see you there!
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Tools & Materials:
Pizza boxes
Acrylic paint – http://amzn.to/2s8KaIZ
Lights – http://amzn.to/2t1oRqQ
Hot glue gun – http://amzn.to/2sO7EkF
Music – Dinner for Two by SYBS
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عطر باريس says:

more than great😊👍

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Wow I have no words it's just beautiful. I've seen a lot of your videos and think you are so talented

M v says:

Aspetto con curiosità l'arrivo di una tua nuova creazione e ogni volta rimango a bocca aperta per la bellezza e la fiaba che scaturisce in ogni tua opera , ogni volta ammiro e ritorno bambina quando c'era stupore e meraviglia per le cose stupende create dal cuore . Sei magica non stancarti mai perchè senza esagerare doni gioia .

pilar Martinez says:

Es preciosa y original una maravilla creativa lo intentare hasta ahora solo he hecho de arcilla polimera

Anderson Martins says:

Nossa,a casinha ficou nota 10. "Perfeição pura",meus parabéns viu… Você tem o dom da criatividade. Desejo a você muito sucesso na sua vida profissional.. Brazil/MG

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Бесподобное творение и почему это не я сотворил ))) Спасибо

Саният Хагур says:

👍 👍 👍 👏 👏 👏

Kumud Sahni says:

Which material you are using.
Clay,white cement, POP

Kseniya V. Orlova says:

Thank you for the inspiration! You are amazing!

Addicted2Nailart& Crafts says:

You did an awesome Job!!! Tfs

Rosie Marsili says:

i tuoi lavori sono fantastici !!!

Terrarium & Crafts says:

You are amazing!

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I love your job! 🖤 So beautiful!

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I love u mom..

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🤩😍…straordinaria come sempre…👏👏👏👋

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I love you mom❤❤❤

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Какая прелесть! Спасибо!

yousef Refaie321 says:

You're a great talent … I'll be like you one day

IBS IBS says:

Hola, eres impresionante! Yo tengo una pregunta…… Las casitas que utilizas ramas…. No se estropean al cabo del tiempo? Quiero decir…. Que se secan y se rompen las ramas? Gracias!

Paulo Biaco says:

Como pode ter quem dê deslike num vídeo desse ???

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Jose Lopez says:

Hermoso el concepto y la creacion que permite viajar en la imaginacion a la fantacia. Gracias y gran talento "Bendiones"

Azliana Lyana says:

Who knows from twigs turned into a beautiful fairy tree house!

Gungun Online Fiesta says:

Awesome…Awesome…Awesome……..Unbelievable Organic Look…..Thank You Princess DIANA…Nice sexy share Video

Uncle Tats Creative Shack says:

Awesome video, great project, you’re my inspiration!!

Rifki Kurniawan says:

Very helpful as an example for school work Thank you very much

Kathy Allen says:

Beautiful! Love the music too!

Miss Tricks Mix Crafts and DIY says:

So pretty tree house !

Connie ComeauxCormier says:

That is effing awesome. You do such great work. I love it

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Good and good and good and good and good and good and good and good and good and good and good and good and good and good and good and good and good……..🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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