DIY Tree House Build & Zip Line

DIY Tree House Build & Zip Line

I built this cool tree house for my daughter. By myself of course. Special thanks to Tree House Supplies for sending me the …



Terry McChesney says:

Doesn't get any better than that!

Bryan Spodek says:

What size floor joist did you use 2 x 10 or 2 x 12?

Simple man says:

I wish I could build something like this for my son

Victoria Younger says:

You did a wonderful job!!! I know your daughter will remember this moment forever! ❤

L. Delta says:

Well done! A true American hero and a loving father!

Nate Goldsmith says:

You’re the man. Good work, brother.

Mer Bella says:

Loved seeing the dog enjoy the project build 😊 looks like a kids paradise. I was thinking maybe you can add some tall trees on the fence line for additional privacy. Great job! 👍

T Chz says:

Very nice work. What software do you use to design your projects?

Ben W says:

There’s a man that loves his kids!

David Cook says:

Fantastic job! I would love to know where you got the flags from.

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