How To Build A Treehouse Trap Door | 32

How To Build A Treehouse Trap Door | 32

Today Jack’s treehouse gets a simple DIY trap door mod that will prevent the kids from getting brained in the head. Using a small pulley, rope, and a brake rotor for a counter weight the treehouse door will open and close slowly.

Makita Drill Used In This Video:

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Monica Blake says:

Good treehouse I wish I could make that

Win Spire says:

Hey Wranglestar. I'd like to say one thing about Math (or Maths as we say here in the UK – we thinks it's so important we pluralized it here): I was always told you cannot do this or that because I was never good at Math… Baloney! Will power, desire and sheer love of something will overcome all shortcomings. I'm still no good at Maths but I was told I could not be an architect or computer programmer. As a result I never studied those two things I love but I've ended up designing and building my own extensions to my houses and I'm a programmer! All my skills I learnt through guys like you on YouTube. Maths is just the servant to all the "vision guys" like you and me. Thanks for the videos! I've just started a habitable off grid treehouse!!

Ryan Schmaltz says:

that handle!!! my eyes. horrid!!

Fredy Tenorio says:

Thank you for sharing the story. And I really like your channel, God bless you and your family.

peershaunm says:

the ending of the video rocked.

peershaunm says:

you bought the roller at the store. you could have used 550 cord, nail and a gallon jug to make the counter weight.

Evgen Petsko says:

I made it by myself. I used woodprix scripts for that.

Owen Countiss says:

their is a crack behind the trap door

XxPhantomHuskyxX 0-0 says:

"The roller" Cracked me up. no offense. It's called a pulley.

Carlos Dasilva says:

You first said that you didn’t want a fall through hazard and now you got it where the trap door stays open. I think you should have that door where it can't rest open (past the hinge line) by adding a stop. Just add some foam to the other side in case someone gets bopped by it and tell them to be mindful of the door, but have it where the door closes always.

Dennis Cornell says:

I enjoyed your manly manners. My ex mother in law used to wake and kiss her husband before leaving the house every time she went somewhere alone. This one morning she did not do it and just left to work at the desert museum. When she returned home she saw his little Toyota in the car port and called his name. No response. When she went in the house and out to the pool area she saw him face down in the pool. He had been sun bathing having a shot and stood up knowing something was wrong. He had a massive heart attack and fell into the pool face down. The coroner said he was dead before he hit the water with no water in his lungs. She had missed her last chance to kiss him and tell him she loved him. I don't leave the house without doing this with my girlfriend who I will be getting married to in 7 days on the 5th of February. I am looking around the 40 acres here trying to find trees to build a tree house in soon. All we have is pine trees. Thanks for the videos. You and Pete Nelson put out some great videos on building tree houses. Keep up the great work.

Philip Prigmore says:

The best way to be a Bible thumper is just live God's word daily. When you put God first and live your life according to God's word, everyone can see the power of our Lord in you. Sometimes it's the simplest way to show others the power of our Lord and Savior. Have a great day.

Baxter Cotton says:

I know it's been a year and a half since you posted the video, but if it hasn't been filled yet… I suggest putting a front door style peephole in the first hole you drilled in the trapdoor.. The kids can see who wants to come up. =)

Kevin Zoid says:

Sorry, I did not understand that story in the end. I respect religious people but this made no sense.

R003 says:

Great story at the end!!

Simon Bailey says:

What you always say get good ones if you're going to buy a tool by a good tool so why didn't you get it Ridgid where you never have to buy another battery

Simon Bailey says:

What you always say get good ones if you're going to buy a tool by a good tool so why didn't you get it Ridgid where you never have to buy another battery

Matthias Michiels says:

finaly you buy the makita bolter 😀 good job man

andria khatiashvili says:

I like your videos

El Tiger 🐯 says:

I liked the manly manners and the story….

Limitless Xpert says:

I loved that story

AR1G3 says:

Great news, you don't have to do math to find the spot where you should drill a hole! I've seen in another video of you about reducing the weight in your backpack that you have one of these scale things that you hold in your hand and you hang stuff on it and it weighs it. Using this, weigh the brake disc and then search a spot on the hatch where you measure the same weight. You might need to make some sort of hook to hook under it but I'm pretty sure you can find the right spot this way!

Fon Hollohan says:

thanks for sharing that story! God moves in mysterious ways indeed. And it is life his life and his life is reality more than the natural life. It's just another dimension. The only way to understand the sixth sense is to live by faith. My dad called it the gift. It is certainly a gift to hear the voice of God. No greater life is this to lay down one's life for his friends. I thank God that he did. or I wouldn't get to have him as my friend.

ag friends for life says:

i love god to

Nathan Eells says:

Go check out Alec Steele's blacksmith channel

joe rohling says:

thanks for the laundry witness anecdote.

Hunter Muffley says:

Amazing story 🙂 love your channel!

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