How to Build a Treeless Tree House – Part 2 – Walls, Trap Door and Siding

How to Build a Treeless Tree House – Part 2 – Walls, Trap Door and Siding

Follow along as I build this tree house without a tree or clubhouse / fort for my kids. In this second of three videos, we’ll cover framing the walls, adding a trap door with a ladder and putting up cedar siding. Be sure to check out video 1 ( and stay tuned for video 3 as well!

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β€’ 2 1/2″ Outdoor Screws:
β€’ Ridgid Brushless Cordless Driver Combo (I LOVE these drills):
β€’ 6 Foot Level:


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April Miller says:

Where's part 3?

Loc Nguyen says:

Your saw horse are pretty cool, can you show more detail on that?

craigjkb says:

Stunning view that tree houses going to have

Dewey Smith says:

You’ll have to make a retractable ladder when the zombies come. Lol πŸ˜‚.

Dewey Smith says:

So lucky man. My hoa would never allow fun stud like this. The memories your making w your family are priceless and timeless. You have support from your family it’s like a double reward. Everyone benefits. You get to build stuff and they get to enjoy it.

Lord Ba'al says:

I would have put regular sheathing so you wont get any bugs and insects coming in.
Those handles seems like a trip hazard. A small hole to get a finger in it from the inside to open it would have been better.

SCD Observer says:

I CAN'T believe you did it all my yourself! Normally it helps with someone holding the planks when screwing etc. But… You did that on your own!!!

Atomic wolf says:

Where do you live you have a stunning place to live in wow

Digital Swagg says:

Wow! I know your kids and their friends are thrilled! Amazing build and beautiful scenery, love that mountain lake view. Nice job can't wait to see part 3.

This1Unbox says:

It's not a tree house….you need a tree…sigh I'm not gona do this. Have fun with your project.

Javie G. says:

Wow.. Very nice scenery… If u don't mind.. Wat city n state… My wife really loved the background…

Ivan Lopez says:

the lake and the mountains.. stunning

Carlos F says:

Nice job πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸ˜Ž

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