Ingenious Furniture Ideas & Awesome Techniques Of Carpenter // Amazing Woodworking Project

Ingenious Furniture Ideas & Awesome Techniques Of Carpenter // Amazing Woodworking Project

How to Build A Unique wooden TV Shelf, Decor ideas for living room… Amazing Woodworking Project, Ingenious Furniture Ideas &
Awesome Techniques Of Carpenter.

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Frank Nakhai says:

I wanted to ask what was the wood, but fuck that question. I do not want to know anymore.

So abhorring that I could not enjoy watching their skillful hands and mind at work.
all production tools were up to date, but old fashion slavery style work with fast , modern and dangerous Machinery.
No dust collection bare foot, smoking in wood dust environment ready for explosion just from spark on electrical motor.

The owner of that shop certainly has the capital to purchase all those Machinery, but zero caring for workers health and safety.
I hope somebody in that country go to government and ask for safety Regulation.
Just no respect for human being. this how I see it.

نضال غازي حسين says:

جميل جدا جدا نشكركم على جهودكم الجميلة

Troy Rodrigue says:

Smoking among all that dry wood is no concern, not to think about safety shoes, goggles, hearing protection and a proper stand for those drill presses. I would bet you can't find a fire extinguisher in the condemned building. What matters is that you got your furniture at a bargain. The hell with safety.

ThomasBarone says:

No nails. No glue. No plywood. No shoes. No missing toes or fingers. Absolutely amazing beautiful craftsmanship!

Killber Amazuki says:

I find it very uncomfortable seeing the miter saw still running while you were next to it.

aakasam says:

This appears to be in Indonesia, where they have mastered the art, touch, and feel of wood. They just make it happen with their old tools. A lot to learn from here. Peace

Mer le says:

Verry good work. You know what you are doing. I learend the job of a carpenter here in germany. But we were not allowed to work without shoes and we had to clean up our workshop every evening.
Nice to see that this is not so important to do a good job.

aliansi kankava says:

for god sake put on shoes!!! i cant watch bare foot walking over wood pieces, you can injure yourself!

Noah Jacob Smith says:

Go to woodprix if you'd like to know how to make it easy. Good solution for every woodworker.

Gabriel Ruvalcaba says:

Burger King

Сергей Фёдоров says:

Шурупы вместо клея! Пиздец!!!

Chris Mex says:

This guys are only 50% Awesome, there is no clue nowhere, also some cuts on the edges are not 100% together they just fix it with wood filler and paint over it, the wood on all cuts and inside doesn't has any seal, that means the wood gets attacked by insects and it will start fouling or shrinking also this is not a question of super fancy equipment they just did not finish the do to list

Rizky RamAdan says:

Gak rajin, ngutamain kuantitas bukn kualitas

Alessandro ramalho dos santos says:


nit2win95 says:

Great work & Awesome TV cabinet.This Wood Working has helped me out a lot on my projects: https://tinyurl . com/yxp7hxlj (Remove the Spaces)

aubreyaub says:

Safety Nazis, will have a field day here. Go get 'em Girls.
I mean, there is a pencil, that could have some farqers eye out.

jlinkels says:

Thumbs down for the double speed playback. Since when woodworking has to be fast? Or are you afraid that the viewers see something?

Fabricio Pacheco says:

me iluminaron!! ahora tengo otra perspectiva para fabricar mubles

Fernando Segura says:


victorediaz1 says:


Jeff Martinez says:

I'm such a pussy with my push blocks/sticks, respirator, saftey glasses and boots. Prolly why I sweat so much in the shop too.

Hugo Castagnola says:

Exelente trabajo felicitaciones🇦🇷

Jim Morgan says:

How much to ship to the USA ?

Bruce Newman says:

bare feet and electrical cords, bare feet and sharp pointed things—what could possibly go wrong?

Alekos Xatzopoulos says:

Μεγαλε σε χασαμε που εισαι τοσο καιρο;;

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