Assembling the DIY Retro Arcade Cabinet Using Only Wood Glue!

Assembling the DIY Retro Arcade Cabinet Using Only Wood Glue!

As an inexperienced (aka noob) carpenter, I attempt to build an arcade cabinet from a RetroPie enabled Raspberry Pie. I drafted up some plans for the panels needed. If you are interested in supporting this project by purchasing the plans, donate $5 here and leave your email address:
I walk through the entire process with you, so there are going to be mistakes. Feel free to let me know about them in the comment section. Hopefully you learn from what I screw up. Today I started routing the dados into the side panels.


Motherlode Kevin MacLeod (
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Pat Toohey says:

Status update?

Ronny Julian says:

Kreg Jig – $20 Box of screws for Kreg Jig. Worth it! But hey you got a sub from me!

Ace Hardy says:


Bisso Grande says:

Wow Paul your braver then I am not dry fitting before glue up! Question though, why not use a nail gun on the outside with finish nails to give it more strength? Also did you place some heavy things on the side facing up so it doesn't slightly separate? Looks good so far tho! Any update on the clamp repair lol thanks for sharing!

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