Build an arcade cabinet step by step

Build an arcade cabinet step by step

OMG Finally! 2 or 3 people are screaming right now.
Yes finally, the long promised step by step guide, for the most part anyway.
in this episode, a naked cabinet build with long winded explanations and out of focus camera work.



greyxopera says:

As I understand from older video You mix 20% PVA glue + 40% paint and 40% water. I never heard about that technique before. Could You please tell me exactly what type/brand of PVC and paint You use in that mix?

Adam Jones says:

Your neighbors sound like asshats. They must be Trump fans. Fantastic build man!

Planet Supermorph says:

if it was me, id get an outdoor camera, and secretly film the arse blowing things your way,

im sure things would turn in your favour mate

still watching the video, seriously impressed so far bud (seen your other start to finish vid)

hany elsharkawy says:

Good effort thank you .. I love your videos but actually the buttons and the arcade sticks still my big problem .. No local supplier here in egypt .. No amazon no allibaba .. So sad

rs2klee says:

hey man nice to see you back at it.. bout time bro 🙂

Mauro S says:

Can you please share the plans with the measures to try replicate your cabinet at home? 🙂 it would be amazing!

Sprite Shack says:

Geez, mate…your old tutorial got me off my perfectionist kick and I actually got my cab finished. I was gutted when your video disappeared and I had no idea who you were or how to find you again. But then I did and its like a breath of fresh air. Wish more tutorials cut to the quick like yours does.

You need to switch to decaf though LOL

And WTF is with that plane?


1st, about time this came out 😉

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