DIY Arcade Cabinet

DIY Arcade Cabinet

How to make a DIY Retro-pi Arcade Cabinet

I like to Make stuff Channel :



Eiji Ezaki says:

Wow watching this i say to myself we might not be dommed afterall. There are kids with a head on their shoulders. Well done !!!!

Dog Musical says:

Do you have any written instructions for this?

het houtdraaierke ( the belgian woodworker ) says:

Nice i like it
check out my channel
greetings from belgium Guillaume

I Like To Make Stuff says:

Great job Justin!  You're a natural in front of the camera too!
Thanks for the link and shout out, I appreciate it 🙂  I'll be starting on my cabinet here very soon!

Make Something says:

SWEET! Hey +I Like To Make Stuff check this out!

Ransom says:

nice work buddy

Dylan Bender says:

Glad to see your back! Really enjoy your videos. 😀

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