DIY Arcade Machine Coffee Table

DIY Arcade Machine Coffee Table
I refurbished and transformed an old coffee table into a 15 console, 10,000 game coffee table arcade machine. I’m not a professional, just figured it all out along the way. If I can build one, you can too!

This whole table was built in my apartment with a lot of improvised tools and equipment used. Having awesome neighbours and a very supportive and patient missus is very important! It took about a week to build, a week to test and configure, and a week to get the saw dust out of the carpet.

The 8-button control pads where necessary to suit the more advanced consoles. I put in two extra USB ports on the front for actual game console controllers if need be. I used Hyperspin for the interface (to make it look pretty) and sourced out various emulators for the consoles and games.

I didn’t say it in the video, but by far the biggest challenge was configuring everything to work through the joystick/gamepad without the need for a keyboard and mouse. I used the JoytoKey program but it took some time to get my head around it. I have little to no experience with programming, but learned a hell of lot after this build!

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Teun says:

u should have made wired controllers beacouse the position ur in looks awful

burt edwards says:

Hey Russell. Great effort with this and it did inspire me to make my own. It's now complete. My only problem is that the BENQ monitor I have used I can't see properly from the seated angle looking at it flat in the coffee table. What did you use for the monitor? You seem to be able to see your monitor clearly seated.

atariforever2002 says:

great idea. too bad the aspect ratio is completely wrong.

burt edwards says:

Smart idea on the drawers Russell! I will do the same on my table I'm building. Two questions:

1. Noting the gap between the drawer when fully extended and the side of the table opening above, what stops the controls from flipping up if downward pressure is applied?

2. How do you stop the drawer from being pulled right out?

youjohnny16 says:

How did you do the drop down controller drawer? Can you explain the hinges or whatever design you used?

James H says:

how have you hidden the power cable leading to the socket in the wall?

Zell Armstead says:

kinzell armstead on facebook to see video

Zell Armstead says:

i just recently took your idea and did my own version running maximus

Rangga Wisesha says:

you should make the gameplay

Rangga Wisesha says:

luuuvvv itt

Jim Green says:

This is easily one of the most creative MAME builds I've ever seen. What a great way to stash a massive game collection in what looks like an ordinary piece of furniture!

Ian Caddick says:

id die 4 this

DCPorter71 says:

Love it. Nice job 🙂

Christos Ioannou says:

fantastic work!!!


Great work ,thumbs up!

Janni HD says:

Where do you got all the ganes in one

Justin P. Langston says:

Now that's a game table worth making.

Vilius Beniušis says:

i dont see the point of this, its literally useless since you can just place a ps4 in a drawer cut some holes through and play GOOD games on a GOOD console and not be uncomfortable sitting awkwardly

Alan Nick says:

I would so pay money for this!

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