DuB-EnG: Coffee Table Computer Arcade Entertainment Machine for Retro Games Build Part 1

DuB-EnG: Coffee Table Computer Arcade Entertainment Machine for Retro Games Build Part 1

How to make a coffee table computer arcade machine – basically installing a screen and a computer into a coffee table for side by side co-operative playing of retro games, browsing the internet and using VNC to control other computers remotely while having your dinner 🙂 A great fun project…



Micro Master Retro Edition says:

It's a practical idea that works and it doesn't take away the tables original function …….nice one mate 😀😀😀 Kim 😀😀😀

Leland Clayton says:

I have a Coffee Table in the Man Cave I have been thinking about to convert. My idea was to use a 32inch screen and have it adjustable so I can have it flat for playing D&D and then tilt it for Gaming.

atariforever2002 says:

Looks great. Bet she just loves tripping over that power cord everytime she walks thru there.
There's got to be a way to hide that thing…
Maybe put a flush mounted electrical outlet just under the table?

maa-iin-gun B says:

A board and clamps would have ensured straight cuts on the sides.

patrick starnes says:

I remember playing Defender when I was young on an arcade game, like this!

Peadar Feckfidgion says:

Another great video and I enjoyed the music too. She killed you when she got in didn't she? 😉

DIM Tips says:

What a great idea.

Ace Hardy says:


reggiep75 says:

My only concern was about the viewing angle of the monitor and this came up later on. IPS monitors have improved viewing angles than most (I have one myself) but flat viewing was most definitely not gonna work.

hairydvdz says:

Excellent content. I have coffee table in the garage bought for exactly that purpose. Going to hide a pc underneath and have it as a mame and virtual pinball table. You did a great job mate

ElectronAsh says:

I think an IPS panel LCD might work better for the viewing angle when flat.

Good build. 😉

Desmond's Donders says:

If I did that to our coffee table the next bit of wood I was involved with would be boxed shaped with me in it. LOL

Sparky 415 Everythings Adjustable says:

So far so good…. I'm waiting to see what the missus has to say 👍 😁

oliver healey says:

Have you seen the Pi cases you can get? They disguise the thing as things like the SNES and the N64

Junk From Work says:

Ok this is seriously awesome 👏

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