How to Build a Raspberry Pi Arcade Cabinet – My Experience

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Arcade Cabinet  – My Experience

I take you through my experience of building my own Raspberry Pi – Mame Arcade Cabinet from start to finish

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Cabinet plans

Retro Pie

I like to Make Stuff

How to make a Raspberry Pi arcade (with NO programming)

Transferring ROMs (I used USB method)

Button Layout

Good Luck

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Ashton Tyre says:

do you know almost how much this project was?

Antonius Maximus says:

Best tool you can ever make for a circular saw is a Circular saw jig. Just cut a long piece of mdf with a straight side and clamp it at the width of where you blade hits the line and you never have to worry about cutting straight again!!

Donny Dotter says:

Hey can you link to the video you keep referring to please? I'd like to check that out for reference. Great video, it was very detailed and helpful. I'm having trouble building the controller and power switch, but my case turned out beautifully.

MobileDecay says:

This method is quite hard when you don't have the space, tools, time, and money. Lol. This method would not work in the ghetto. No not because you have to dodge bullets while cutting wood. Because you live in an apartment and have a crappy job if any at all. 😁

J. Johnson says:

Thanks for sharing your experience, it helped me.  I'm in the process of building a vewlix style one now.

HaysiKing2 says:

your vid has been the best so far in helping me. one thing you could do to brace is use some 2×2s

Chris Morrow says:

That was fun to watch you build! Thanks for sharing John. You have another new Subscriber.

irodie says:

30 second Camera Fail LOL. Had to watch the rest.

Francis Flynn says:

Are you poorly.

Michael O'Donnell says:

Thanks John for the video very informative, thanks for sharing

2431ivan says:

Fantastic job !!!!! How is connected the aux cable to the speakers ?

Ruben Cornejo says:

Good job Man U made look very easy and simple I will give it a you have to download the simulators and rooms or they all ready download in the raspberry

Hey Micky says:

Great vid. I would transport it light and add breeze blocks to a lower shelf to weigh it in position and remove to transport as necessary.

Warrior Armaments says:

Nice work, is it possible to get a step by step? Thanks NIce once again.

Eddie Young says:

I played them on my 65" LG 4K TV and the quality is amazing. LOL

Apex 8 says:

never saw your butt!!

cgrant26 says:

Don't use paddle bits on MDF if you want clean holes. Use a hole saw with a pilot bit. For the cleanest possible edges and to prevent scorching, Try this: run the hole saw just enough to lightly score the surface and outline your hole. Then drill another, smaller hole just inside that scored circle that runs tangent to the first circle. (use a drill bit that's just small enough to not touch the pilot hole) The smaller hole will be an exhaust hole for sawdust. Then finish drilling the larger hole. This will also reduce wear on the hole saw teeth as MDF is really hard on them.

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