How to make an Arcade Machine: Part 1

How to make an Arcade Machine: Part 1

In part one of How to make an Arcade Machine, Mike from The Geek Pub walks through the process of building the arcade cabinet. Using this machine you will be able to play all of the old school retro arcade games including PacMan and Galaga!

In part two of this video we will cover installing all of the electronics into the arcade cabinet, including the use of MAME (Mega Arcade Multi Emulator) and the Maximus Arcade front-end on a Windows 8 PC.

This arcade machine cabinet is custom made from MDF. We drill all of the holes for the joystick and buttons, along with slots for the coin door! In part three of the series we will install the lighted marquee and graphics.

Plans will be available shortly:

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Sy Cook says:

Im looking to get these plans, but want to know what size is the monitor you're using. Im thinking of using a 32" slim tv, will this cabinet accomendate this?

Kevin Brustle says:

What bit are you using in the router? A router bit? Or a dremel saw blade?

Adrian Swaby says:


Beverley Turner

Fraser Kinloch says:

Am using 18mm mdf what would be the slot cutter I should use?

Vince Tran says:

Does your plan support a 32 inch monitor or flat LCD TV?  I noticed you had installed a 27 inch screen.  Thanks

DontPaniku says:

That looks so cool. I would just cut my finger off if I tried to make one though.

vinygee says:

Hey Mike , Vince here from down under " Australia " I am a very big Arcade fan and this is what brought me to your channel. as i watched you Vids one thing that kept striking me was your Skill Set. Pretty Awesome and you make it look real easy. but many will fail lol.
Hey check out some of my Arcade stuff and who know just as i subscribed to your channel you just might subscribe to mine. Cheers

djknightfal says:

What size screws are needed for assembly to join the pieces? Doesn't show in supply list in plans. Awesome job! Starting mine at the beginning of next year 🙂

Rap Sure says:

how much in materials?

Mega mewtwo says:

The geek pub can you plz add the plans to the website im looking all over for them also can i use i like to make stuffs design

jk says:

Awesome and simple video! 🙂

DerpyGuys 2 says:

I wish I was you 😭😭😭

OKLA says:

LOL! This guy is about 10x the carpenter as most people who build homes in Oklahoma. Impressed!

Max Hammil says:

Very good, but… Windows 8? Why not Debian?

jpX0708 says:

after parts, labor about how much did it cost? how much would it cost if you had ran raspberry pi on this machine? what is the difference in cost between the arcade machine and bartop arcade?

Cho Griggs says:

Thank you for posting these videos, they have been very helpful. One questions can you give me a little more detail on the exact hinges your using for the kick panel door? I know you said inset but I see a lot of different types and the ones I bought don't allow the door to sit back. Do you have a link where you bought yours? Thanks again and great job!

juan c Orellana says:

hey mike would u sale me an arcade ????

rollie4 says:

looks good mike!

Ty Ortiz says:

Dope. I want an arcade frame cabinet. I have everything except for a cabinet. I want that retro arcade feeling

Zach Davis says:

what router and bit do you use for the t molding

Jilk Owez says:

I'm thinking on a budget, get an old desk, a monitor and a raspberry pie and a nes style game controller. Use mame for the emulation and just hook the monitor up to the raspberry pie; the game controller will be stuck to the desk Dan be plugged into to the raspberry pie.

yogissjKaio says:

Very nicely done video, And a great work space.

Bonzai Smash says:

What if you don't have the tool to do the t molding? Is there an alternative? Thanks.

Eight Virtues says:

Your build is super badass. Holy shit. From an inspired and envious builder except the Windows part. 🙂

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