Mame Arcade Cabinet Build

Mame Arcade Cabinet Build

In this video we will make a Pac Man themed, table top multicade or also know as a bartop arcade or mame cabinet.

This game cabinet was made from plans from the following Intructable

Items used in this project:
Raspberry Pi 3B+ –
Sceptre 20 Inch Monitor –
Arcade Joystick and Switch Kit –
3/4 Inch T-Molding –
Slot Cutter –
64GB SD Card –

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TheArsonsmith4242 says:

I like it a lot, I did one several years ago for my son posted here:

Wayward Waggs says:

Wow. That is pretty cool.

Mannie Romero says:

Awesome build !

Kuroi Hitomi says:

Really nice!!

sbirdranch says:

What is the recipe for your decal `water` you used to place your stickers?
I too am currently helping a couple of co workers make full size Mame cabinets. For all the reasons you mention, I'm not going to video it. I am going to make a smaller one after the fact and video it. Good to see you put the cnc router to work. ~P

Maurice Hartmann says:

Hi Bob… There is a good thing and a bad thing… The good thing is: I want to build my own fullsize cab…after my mpcnc…
And this, your, project is exactly that what i waited for…
Now the bad thing! Why you produce such a boring video, where are your really helpful explanations? Step by step…with your comments…
I saw that you had help there and builded two cabs…and to make a video interups always the production process.
But please Bob… Make it in future again in your old fashioned way. For that i can't await your next videos… But this here is an grade c… Not the usual A+
So long
(Still in germany)

A. Snatcher says:

Omg, those tools 🤤

TheRainHarvester says:

Do the buttons light up of they are used in the game? How do you know what buttons are used?

Dennis Whiter says:

What was the cost of this project for parts and wood?

vizionthing says:

Excellent job!

Rafael Sanchez says:

It looks kool and amazing but how many games does it have? What is the total cost?

David Urdahl says:

I've been wanting to do a full sized cab for a couple years now. Bought 80 percent of what I needed, then I moved into an apartment last year… Someday..

Kevin smith says:

Pretty cool build, besides your time how much do you think you have invested in a single cabinet with material & electronics?

Three G's says:

This is so cool! I love this project

Franks DIY says:

Haha just brought back memories lol. Love it

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