School Project- Cardboard Arcade Game – Kids DIY

School Project- Cardboard Arcade Game – Kids DIY

Welcome to my first ever video! This video is about a school project that i made. It was fun! Be sure to subscribe. My favorite youtube channels are gaming with jen and clouds surprise toys. What are your favorite channels?



Ultimate Red panda says:

I like unspeakable gameing

Ava. Cailyn says:

You like unspeakable

Kyle the gamer says:

very good job 👍

Seth Clasby says:

you are so cute, i am left handed too!

Korynn Goolsby says:

Hello unspeakablegamimng sent me

Andre Gudmar Toompalu says:

Olivia youre a cute youtuber starter and also your dad can help you. Good luck for onother video, and also be sure to look out Uspekables last vid so you can see your sended stuff!

Denielle Young says:

Hi there l like your video from Myla 👍🏼

The Bungling Woodworker says:

Very well done Olivia! I wasn't allowed to use the drill till I was all grown up, you must be a good-girl? Well painted, very pretty colours!!!

Chicago Johnnys says:

Great work Olivia! Great creative project

Doing it With jason says:

Super Job!!

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