$4000 Homemade Underground Fort Bunker

$4000 Homemade Underground Fort Bunker

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$4000 Homemade Underground Fort Bunker
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Zac Zaller says:

damn bro i was so young when i made this lol

TTV_TIGER_TTV -.- says:

I wish I had that in my garden 🤣

Brian Roberts says:

Cold in there, huh?

TheEpicGamer says:

0:14 He Sounds like a female

KingBoo !!! says:

You guys must have cool chill parents (lucky)

xXdank_nationXx Teddi bears says:


RV Prepared Yet? says:

Yet no ond sees the danger of buried wooden walls. Ive seen dirt crush shipping containers like beer cans.

Conor Dollarton says:

The worlds best hot box room

Xæ Mën says:

Why didn’t I think of this now all I have to do is sneak out and me and my girlfriend have no problems 🤦🏽‍♂️

NASA News For Kids says:

7:40 Thats what we call a perfect summer in norway

David Parish says:

How do you get in

Zackik yeah Zack says:

2019 anyone?

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