5 Outdoor DIY Kids Projects for Summer Fun

5 Outdoor DIY Kids Projects for Summer Fun

These quick, easy and inexpensive ideas can transform a boring backyard into a fun and entertaining kids paradise!

Get your backyard summer ready with these 5 fun DIY projects!

To make your own “Kinetic Sand” for an outdoor Mud Pie Kitchen, mix:

50 lb. bag of sand: $3.69
6 cups Cornstarch – about half the container you see above comes out to less than $2.00 per recipe
Dishsoap – I only needed a few tablespoons, and you can usually get this free/cheap with coupons

Check out our “How to make a Fairy Garden” video here:

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smiley27b says:

love this, thx!

Leana G says:

These are really good ideas.

Millet Frias says:

Is this for adults or kids

Omar Lopez says:

Thank you so much for all the ideas, I need more ideas for boys HELP HELP lol sigle dad need more help hahahha

KIM&KIDS says:

Super awesome ideas!! So many different ideas for my little ones πŸ™‚

Alice Rose says:


Family Fun Pack says:

very good ideas πŸ™‚

yoyomax12 - the diet free zone says:

Nice meeting you at Vidcon! Looking forward to browsing your videos. This video makes me wish that my 17 year old was little again so I could make these for him.

Jenn McArthur says:

awesome video definitely gonna try a few but to anyone looking for a water table needs to check out – what's up mom, they have a really cool FYI water table

Wee Sing says:

Awesome video! Wee Sing posts a variety of of children's songs for kids to sing and have fun while learning!

MayraArabel says:

Very cool ideas!!!

Julia Perry says:

I had coffee cans-a teas set for outdoors-and some bowls and spoons. I would have loved a mudpie kitchen!!! For the fairy houses-seal lids to can and spray paint empty cans like coffee cans(turn upside down with lids in dirt.. glue on marbles-shiny buttons-etc. onto can.Leave a space for a door and tiny knob. windows too if you like.The doors use the cutest girls hair pins or clips and spray paint adding polka-dots. sit into garden-and place tiny dolls-my little ponies-etc. children love these and can add cars-blocks-little doll house items- etc. to play with. I would put some old lawn pillows around edge for seating. string christmas lights above and hang butterflies on string for added glam! Add a garden bench and drape with fancy tool and tape underneath. put a folded blanket across top and allow the children to come into the center of their creation!!! you are a wonderful mommy!!! Have lots of outdoor fun kids!

Vickie Allen says:

What great ideas! I think I'll use a shower curtain to create a backyard fort for my grandkids – no problem in the rain then. Just awesome, thanks!

Anita Tate says:

Very clever! I'm sure your children will have a great Summer playing in their garden with all the neat things to do. They are so lucky to have such a fun Mom!

Tanya McCarthy says:

Was your daughter singing Wrecking Ball? Haha – that's great, made me laugh x

Dani5hk says:

I really like the mud pie kitchen idea and for sure the tent I wish I had a backyard to do these fun things for my daughter. Love all the ideas thanks for sharing #ytmm

Nathalie Dembele Stella & Dot Independent Stylist says:

Beautiful! Love your videos ytmm

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