9 Simple Concrete Projects For The Home

9 Simple Concrete Projects For The Home

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Erica Paula says:

Uau ótimas dicas!

Iuliana Mindru says:

These projects are anything but easy. Maybe for ppl who actually work with these materials and have the tools…

Rajesh Kumar says:

Ur videos r good.. Thankq

Y.W. Cho says:

simples a relative term here..

Hugh M says:

"Concrete" made of just cement and water will develop cracks at an early age, especially if it's left to cure in air. It should be covered with plastic or a wet cloth for the first 24 hours then immersed in water for a few days or even weeks.

Altaaf Deermohammad says:

you are cheating

Rawat kumar says:

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Belle Rose says:

U can't say tap lightly when that tapping is w a brick

achraf djalal says:

من فضلك جام ولايك، شكرا

Tahamedur Rahman Fahad says:

This is very nice 😃😃😃😃😃😃

veerakumar Thampi says:

ok you should not wear dust mask when making the stool according to buzzfeed

Don't mind me Just passing through says:

Most of these are pretty cringy but the dragon's egg one is pretty cool, we all gotta admit

cu says:

For those who want the hedgehog in the thumb is at 11:12!

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