Backyard Patio Decorating Ideas, Tips and Tour

Backyard Patio Decorating Ideas, Tips and Tour

Let’s get organized!
Here is our 2017 Backyard Patio Tour. Our deck was decorated with a really small budget and most of our outdoor patio furniture was purchased second hand! I love DIY Outdoor decor on a budget!

You can really update and freshen up your outdoor living space and patio by adding some brightly coloured outdoor cushions and accessories!

I hope you enjoyed these outdoor summer patio and backyard decorating ideas and inspiration. For more outdoor home decor ideas, like this video!

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mike black says:

I Love ur patio design..

Kate Lee says:

Can anyone tell me how to have string lights outside without attracting every single bug in the county? I love the idea of it, but we can never use them because it's a bug welcome 😞

Pam White says:

Very nice! What size it your gazebo?

jay money says:

[Link Here== is exactly what I have been searching for. The photos and text are inspiring, and what makes it that is due to their styles and other things involved. You can use it and decide how you want your landscape design should be.

Ben The Window Cleaner says:

Wow very nice job looks great

Anam small says:

Hi! I want to know what do you cook on daily basis and for your guests or relatives.

murad kuychiyev says:

excellent, just use your brain and little fantasy.

Nidia Almunia says:

Beautiful í love it

Jayne Brandon says:

Wow I love you back your I think that's the first time I ever seen it and all your videos I didn't even know you had a pool all those trees and plants nice dick that is pretty cool…

Karen Johnson says:

That's great love 🙂😁😃

maya rivera says:

love your doggie

Pretty Things with PINK says:

I LOVE everything! Where is the gazebo from ? This is inspiring me to tackle my backyard on my own channel…one day🤣😉 New subbie here!


You still crack me up! Hugs and 😍, Cathryn

Alumahangers says:

if you have a patio and don't want to cause permanent damage using screws – check it out

Milly Santiago says:

me encanta!!😍

Tiki Tiffany says:

Great video. The porch looks great!

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