Build Project: Backyard Ski Lift WORKS AWESOME!

Build Project: Backyard Ski Lift WORKS AWESOME!

Video showing you how I built my backyard rope tow creation from a ride on tractor and a well pump motor.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION, PLEASE READ FULLY: This video is for entertainment purposes only. The content of this video include or may include high voltage wiring, moving parts, suspended weights, risk of fire and many other hazards. These hazards are capable of serious injury, death or property damage and destruction. Consult a with licensed professional before attempting anything you see in this video. Do not try this at home.



Jonas Marcinko says:

Awesome Job!!! I would like to build one myself. What size pool motor? rpm? specs on the tractor?

Evan Monk says:

INSPIRED!!! Time to find an old lawn tractor

k9rescuer says:

I've always thought it would be cool to have my own private tow for sledding, skiing, and boarding. You are living my dream! Thanks for sharing. Where are you located?

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