DIY Backyard Ice Resurfacer | DIY Zamboni Project

DIY Backyard Ice Resurfacer | DIY Zamboni Project

This video documents the build of a backyard zamboni project made with an old garden tractor. This homemade ice resurfacer has a 65 gallon water tank and the resurfacer is made out of PVC pipe.

Ice Resurfacer Piping design inspired by this Youtube video: Check out their DIY tractor ice resurfacer video here:

Products used in this video ( Affiliate links )
Steel Demon Blade:
3M Ear Protection with Bluetooth:
Lawn Mower Seat:
Tractor Tire Chains:
Chain Tighteners:
Tractor Wheel Covers ( available in 6 inch and 8 inch versions:
Tractor Tires:
LED Puck Light that lights up zamboni water tank:
Flashing Orange Beacon Light:
Grommet Kit:

Minnesota Wild Front Emblem Decal:
Minnesota Wild License Plate:

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rich hubert says:

OK now you reached semi pro level! That is so cool Pete.

Cornhusker Fever says:

So awesome!! When's the Nebraska Cornhusker version coming out? haha jk

luis vital says:

That’s not just nice. It’s Minnesota nice!

nick peso says:

Did you find a lot of slush build up on the towel? I built a smaller version and had to clear the towel almost every pass.

QuestionMan says:

"IF" you do a version two, you can build your own box/tube frame, bring in some heavier components that could handle the weight and before you know it, you'll have built a Zamboni 🙂 I hope you got some solid snapshots of that "buckin' bronc"! Make great photo for your workspace.

Determined says:

Make custom goal light bruh

Eric Schultz says:

This whole thing is awesome. Huge fan of the rink and the zamboni and all of the projects you do.

I saw the amount of land you had in a previous video. If it were me, I'd do a golf course on it.

Craig MacDaniel says:

How much of the tank do you use for a full resurface? Close to the whole tank?

Cyrious says:

Pretty dope …

Mike Neurohr says:

Thanks for the ideas 👍 great job.

Tom Love says:

Really nicely done

doolin12000 says:

Wow, Macgyver is jealous!!

Kim Chi says:

Go Bison!!!!!!! LOL! Love the rink my friend! Would love to play on it one of these days! My dream is to move to Montana.

G B says:

Cool project and cooler friends.

Patrick Glarbsttentenford says:

That is a great looking zamboni! Awesome job!

Carsten Andersen says:

Thank you for your amazing project for your community, it’s a awesome job you had made. I just love it, very beautiful zamboni you made. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. God bless you, your friends and family.

8Hofi8 says:

awesome work and good commenting your steps!

bokytoky says:

everything is good, but rotating light SUCKS !!! get old version with real rotating !!! big greetings from SERBIA !!!

Jeff Forbes says:

Brilliant! Do all the fans throw snowballs at you when you roll by?

Atlantic Film says:

Honestly, I was expecting an axle to break under the additional load, not the frame…

Michael Garcia says:

Nice Project! Way to bounce back and staying positive from that frame bending in half, I would have been bent out of shape myself from that.

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