Gorgeous DIY Deck Makeover on a Budget | Outdoor Decorating Ideas | Dramatic Before and After

Gorgeous DIY Deck Makeover on a Budget | Outdoor Decorating Ideas | Dramatic Before and After

Budget-friendly deck makeover. Get ideas and inspirations for your outdoor space this summer. Create the best place to host that 4th of July and Memorial Weekend BBQs. Or just get some design inspiration for outdoor decorating and creating an outdoor room.

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Cathy Evans says:

OMG, that's beautiful!!

Colleen Haithcock says:

Wonderful love the "rug"

Cathy K says:

Oh, it's beautiful! I love the blue and the 'rug' you stenciled is gorgeous! The rails are just wonderful. Much better than before. Great job on the makeover! The only thing I'd suggest is that you get some pretty pots that contrast with the blue, and put your plants in them to make a container garden. Then group them around your deck.


That is another deck from another house , it doesnt remind the old at all ,I AM AMAZED , love the idea of the rug and the colour of the deck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hazel Thomas says:

Lovely job. How nice😁

Latrice Byrd says:

Please more makeovers. Thank you

Latrice Byrd says:

Beautiful. You did an amazing job. Love your work. 👏🏽👍🏽👌🏽💙

Linda Ketner says:

Wow, great job!

Shantealle Ray says:

What an awesome transformation!

Kim Knuckles says:


joanna prevost says:

Looks amazing !! Great job

MojisStyle says:

It looks beautiful girl! I really have to come over now! 🤗 😘

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