DIY Experts Share How-to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit DIY Experts Share How-to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit

DIY experts Katie and Jon Jasiewicz from show how to build an outdoor fire pit for Summer as part of their series of DIY tutorials for
In this DIY tutorial Jon provides detailed instructions to prep the outdoor area and build the fire pit. Be sure to visit often for inspirational tips to complete your next DIY project!



L Frederick says:

thank you so much for teaching us how to make a simple firepit Mine turned out perfect thanks to you

OnTheFritz602 says:

I'd like to build one of these that I can also cook with. Cool vid.

Romelia Polly says:

I was made it too. just used Woodprix instructions. just click the pig on that website :)))

Колька Пепси says:

This time I'll use woodprix instructions to make it by myself.

Blue Shark says:

biggest tip is dont buy river rock

Alfredo & Andrea says:

it shows how it's down but failed to show how you dug up the circle. things to do and not to do.. I mean this was helpful, but what is the process like before you dig up the circle bud…

Ronald Mason says:

can someone explain how you would clean the ash after several burns with that stone in the bottom? There is no way it will all drain

Колька Пепси says:

Check woodprix handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.

Mel McMurrin says:

Test Comment. 400, 000+ views!

David Hoffhines says:

Check city/local ordinances. This looks way too close to fence/shrubs.

ready net says:

Why did you chip off the lock on the brick?

Camille Kruszka says:

where did you buy the stones, and bricks? what type are they?

retweet me says:

Damn u otta breath bro. Lol

Andrew Ezinga says:

I'm sorry but this guy looks like he walked outside the office for the first time. 😂

DIYeasycrafts says:

Great video. Check out these easy DIY backyard projects

alexander62 says:

How do you clean this pit. i think over the time no rocks will be left on the ground …

Joe Peschi says:

:0 just subscribed

William Swiggart says:

Would it be beneficial to include a few air channels in the first course as a means of improving combustion so oxygen can enter the bottom of the fire?

Sam Lyles says:

Great videos!

What are the dimensions on the bricks you're using? What is the total diameter of the circle?

Baketastic Cookies says:

Thanks for this, if I hadn't known about the river rocks, I probably would have chosen the cheapest, simple kind of rocks for our fire put. We are getting ours built today so that it is ready for the 4th. Kids are excited and want to start meltin' marshmallows in the pit.

holly cadle says:

This looks so nice, I wish my mum would let me build one similar in our garden it would make it look so better

Flamestonefountain says:

I like the stone base , very natural

SpockMcoy Issmart says:

My simple fire pit?  I cut down a tree, piled wood on stump, lit it, the stump caught on fire, burned down into the ground.  Quick fire pit where the stump once was.  Benefits?  Stump is gone, didn't cost me much, just a few cases of beer & cigars, sitting around BS'n with buds.  Now, I have a hole in the ground, 4 feet across and it is easily cleaned out when fills with ash from other fires.

dirtyy sanchez says:

I'm planning on building one. does this need a small drain or something? you know, for the rain? I live in a tropical country with heavy rains :/

Cornerstone Outdoor Living LLC says:

As an actual landscape mason I can tell you that this video is full of bad information.

kimmy shimmer says:

yes every thing looks level till earth quake get it level and dont detail it because earth quakes coming or the tornado

SAM UTE says:

Thanks for the tip on river rock exploding, never would've known that until it was too late. Appreciated!

mac777daddy says:

What about a metal fire ring or fire bricks?  Dont need them or??

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