How to Build a Trellis Fence. Awesome, Easy to Build Project!

How to Build a Trellis Fence. Awesome, Easy to Build Project!

How to build a Trellis Fence out of Reclaimed Wood and Wire Mesh! Ahhh Spring…who doesn’t love it! It’s the season of new growth and a great time to get out into the garden and tackle some of those jobs that you’ve been putting off over the winter and with that in mind, it was time to get my hands dirty and build that Trellis Fence that has been begging to be built. You’ve heard of the Great Wall of China??…well this is going to be the Great Trellis Fence of Australia!! 🇦🇺🇦🇺
The great thing about a Trellis or Lattice Fence is that they add another interesting visual concept to your garden at the same time offering you a level of privacy from your prying neighbours….let’s face it, who doesn’t love a spot of nude gardening from time to time 😁
Unlike a lot of other Trellis fences that are simply screwed or nailed to an existing fence, l’ve decided to go for a freestanding version made from reclaimed hardwood ceiling joists and wire mesh supported by High Wind Post Brackets.
Hope you can check it out and l’d love to hear your feedback! Cheers.:-)

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Have a great day and l’ll see you again real soon. 😁



Charles Coker says:

Thanks for your service!! US Navy myself early 70's

styloroc2000 says:

Anyone got a clue what the "High Wind Post Supports" are called in the states? I can't seem to find them anywhere online or in the hardware store

Royce Repka says:

any tips on where to get those metal racks? I can't find them at Lowe's/HomeDepot

June Rose says:

**Tapped the like button after the joke. 😂

Movie Cat says:

Really beautiful!

SheerasPlace says:

Just curious, but why wouldn't you just relocate the Trellis a Foot or so instead of damaging a Tree Root?

Tara Haugo says:

Beautiful trellis

Leeza Lee says:

I cannot find any quality fence post brackets for sale in the USA like you are using. We only have cheaply made/flimsy crap here. Btw, beautiful trellis!

Rj U says:

Love the video! I've been looking for the High Wind Post Brackets online and I cant seem to find ones that are as hefty as yours. Can you add a link to those specific ones?

Fred Roger says:

BEST BUILD VIDEO, I've seen. I just took away this fencing grid idea thanks mate!

Daniel Hatfield says:

Great to see you back on tv don

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