Putting up The Post and Beams DIY Off Grid OutDoor Kitchen Build

Putting up The Post and Beams DIY Off Grid OutDoor Kitchen Build

Today we are assembling the post and beam structure of the OutDoor kitchen DiY project. First I needed to cut down some died trees that were in our way! Only if it was easy!

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Pat Champion says:

Hard work and harder in the rain. tyfs Pat

caring support group says:

real men build stuff

caring support group says:

You need some rain gear. I recommend army surplus rain gear.

caring support group says:

yes! more carpentry/woodworking videos!

June Jones says:

Well we know you needed a good rainfall to fill the "reservoir" at NYC!!

BullittMcQueen1 says:

That cherry tree wood is good for smoking meat and cooking in your outdoor kitchen.

Eagle GoldenGate says:

So glad you got some help! Can't wait to see the antique stove! Fingers crossed but prayers for your safety!

Offgrid.se says:

Looking good. Starting to look as a structure. Too bad with all that rain, makes everything much difficult.

Laura Flasch says:

I found the ladder and scaffolding work more "interesting", as in downright scary. You guys be careful. Good job with the tree and the build.

Dennis St.Germaine says:

Great job guys!

louis paine says:

As always a good video.
Good progress.

lastniceguy1 says:

Was good to see a helper and you guys working smarter rather than harder. Wheels are such a good thing.

Thunder Ridge Homestead says:

Scary business, but you got it done. THEN you took ME up that ladder! Didn't I tell you that I am afraid of heights! Eeek.

Granola says:

I could watch these videos all day! Giving me so many ideas and things to try once I get some property again!

littlewhitedory says:

Progress! Reminds me of an old joke… If "Pro" means good and "Con" means bad then what we need in this country is "Progress" and NOT "Congress"!

Ed Deetz says:

Great progress. Plenty of wet..the ducks are loving it.

Dan 821 says:

Aw Man, RAIN! I could hear it coming down while you were raising that beam! But! You guys made great progress even in the downpour! Glad to see that you had some help with that heavy stuff. Can't wait till you get the roof on and can stay DRY!
Thanks for sharing!

Katherine Russell says:

Your carpentry skills are amazing but you guys scared me to death putting up that big beam on top! Love watching the whole process happening at Lumnah Acres.

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