20 Cool Home decor DIY Project

20 Cool Home decor DIY Project

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1.►0:38|Stack up decorating ideas with homemade giant Jenga set.

2.►1:04|Customised Timber Knobs

3.►1:36|Connect a thrift store headboard and footboard to make a custom bench.

4.►1:56|Use the boards as supports to hang the shelves in your bedroom.

5.►2:28|A tabletop for your midcentury modern living room.

6.►2:59|Ikea Hack | Turn Broken Ikea Storm Lamp to a Beautiful Light
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7.►5:08|Or, use them to build the base of a coffee table, and top it with a thrifted mirror

8.►5:47|Interactive RGB LED Table from Ikea Lack side-table
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How to do it?

9.►7:11|Nestle your phone somewhere that doesn’t look like it jumped out of your local Best Buy discount bin.

10.►7:36|Save cash on pricey patio furniture and build a set for yourself.

11.►8:06|Build a narrow plant stand to keep your green friends in their favorite sunbeams longer.

12.►8:35|Nail scraps together to make a custom tabletop candle lantern.

13.►8:59|Set up your ultimate bath time retreat.

14.►9:27|Screw together some quick extra seating for your kitchen.

15.►10:02|DIY Wood letters

16.►10:32|Paint your child’s teacher (or your teacher!) a gift they’ll use for years to come.

17.►10:58|DIY Floral centerpiece from wood

18.►11:26|Or use the same mitering technique to make a wooden tabletop planter.

19.►11:54|DIY Ribbon Trimmed Roman Shades

20.►12:22|File Cabinet Makeover
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Simply Dede says:

Thanks for sharing, love it. Really creative 🙂

Jamie J. says:

Has the bot voice got better or is this human?
Cool ideas…😊

Olwyn Young says:

Her voice is uplifting. Great tip for the blind.

Gina MacDougall says:

The restore (Habitat For Humanity) I go there and pick up tile, mirror, and many other item's and re purpose them…. I'm doing a Post apocalyptic theme, a sort of ode to what our country was built on and man it's a blast, the Industrial and other item's are a blast to find.  I found to mint condition metal office pieces with shelves, a door,and drawers… I'm using them side by side for my living room entertainment center, and it's 4 a good cause.

Gina MacDougall says:

Nice… love the jenga

Netti Starchild says:

who s describing the shades diy? i bet my hat he s greek 😂 small tip : speak faster

pawan33496 says:

Very good good

Laura 0800 says:

This is kinda weird and you sound sad

Shavait Damini says:

cool ideas :☺

Kathryn Jackson says:

What a great video, thanks!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Monica MovieStar says:

She has an annoying voice – I can't watch this video. Someone tell her this is DYI video. She's not selling cars….

My-DIY-magic-show says:

gr8 ideas..that led table..WOW!!

angel0island0ninja says:

you should have just made this video about 2x4s 🙂

GlamTam says:

Not impressed !! Usually really happy with your videos 😔

Ra hee says:

so nice ~😉 구독 합니다~💗

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