7 Cool DIY Ideas for Your Room

7 Cool DIY Ideas for Your Room

Today I’m showing you 7 easy DIY room decor ideas! My favorite is the fuzzy doorhandle.
Can we get this to 100,000 thumbs up?!

Hey guys, I know it’s been like over a year since I did a room decor video but I’ve bee having a lot of fun making crafts again lately and so I thought I would show you what I’ve been up to haha!
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CraftLoverAg Forever says:

Meg changed what happened?… 😓😓😓

Sofiia Lucky says:

I want to paint my room white !!!!!

Mine Girl says:

I would paint my room red

Daniela Cruz says:

Jamaquin aqua

Kyra Smith says:

😂Was it just me or when she was talking about the orange thing and not to worry about i started focusing on that and no the video.😂

best rc says:

If u could paint my room any color I would just like paint it pink with purple splashes here and there. Ive also for to day I love ur videos and always will. #loveumeg

Glitterforce 01 says:


Twenty øne Crybabies -Melanie Martinez- says:

This is basic stuff..

Rosa Arteaga says:

my room color would be white

Annie's Life says:

I would paint it mint blue

OfficialDIYQueenBuisness says:

How are we supposed to ignore it if u just pointed it outt

Shane Brain says:

mine room would be light blue or dry arase board

Tabark Al Mohamad says:

I will paint it teal

Lashanti Prater says:

White or light baby blue

tumbling tricks says:

go to 0:42 to see the hidden message

luna bearess says:

I would paint my wall with chalk paint! lol so I could draw all over it!

Emmakate Ostrom says:

What's the song?

Melody's life says:

Grey and gold and blue and black and white that's the colors I have in my room and I always wanted in my bedroom

Sian, Kaci, Olly And Callie's World !!! says:

I would probably aunt my room pink and purple

Amy Rachall says:

Lime green or pink

Hasoor Bhatti says:

I meant subscribe her

Hasoor Bhatti says:

I will paint it Meg style and write a huge name on it that says Meg because she is 100% amazing. Who ever annoys her there head will be chopped of
Please scribe her please and share

Black Arrow says:

I would paint my room black or mellenial pink

Rainbow_ Unicorn says:

I paint my room rainbow ombré

Lily Stewart says:

My walls r white but I would love to paint 🎨 1 wall mint green or pale pink

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