bedroom graffiti DIY

bedroom graffiti DIY

Bedroom Graffiti DIY | A project done for my wife.

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color grading.
location.Cincinnati, Ohio-USA

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TRIBE store.

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color grading.
premiere pro.
after effects (animations).
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Macbook Pro 15″.
Apple Magic Mouse.
RHA t10i In-ear.
Canon 5DMKIV.
Canon EF L 24-105 f/4.
Panasonic GH4.
Panasonic 12-35mm lens.
Leica 42.5mm lens.
Pilotfly H2.
Tascam DR-40.
StudioPRO Continuous Lighting Panels.
Nova Diva Ringlight.
MeFOTO Tripod (small).
MeFOTO Tripod (large).
Field Notes.

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*TRIBE (Tyler Shelton/TRIBETYLER) Is a video blog (Vlog) that focuses on Travel, Photography, Music, Cinematic Storytelling, and Cinematography in a documentary style.



Rachel B says:

Ty, I love (and miss) watching you graffiti!!!

Danny Danny says:

Beautiful Tyler! ^_^

Jennifer Martin says:

If I send you ideas can make me something?! I'll pay whatever you think it's worth and I'll add some tip 😉

Alex Hetrick says:

You should go to Cincinnati contemporary arts center and make a blog of it!!!!!

EmziieLou77 says:

Seriously though, how lucky is hailee to have a guy like this

Michael Casuso says:

2016 is the year they got married!

Bruce Malo says:

this is awesome! i was member 157 in the original Tribe Tyler days, where this all started in that tiny bedroom 😁 You and Haylee have come a long ways. So proud to have been allowed to share some of those moments. All my best from SW Florida…

Autumn Brooke says:

How could anyone dislike this?

basicallyawerewolf says:

It's 2017 tho

Jared Hagen says:

New pair of jeans? What brand?

EsperanzasBody says:

You are beyond talented. At all things. Pure gifts!

TheeRomanB says:

What backpack do yo use ?

Grek Zacapu says:

Pasate ami canal y suscribete amigo

Jessica Daniel says:

Wow, you did an amazing job!!! Love graffiti art.

beingBrittany says:

Tyler…where is that bookshelf from in the bedroom it's beautiful. Also love the vlogs lately the time and effort you're putting into them is really showing. Thank you!!! Hi Haley!!!

DatGirlEK says:

Do you still do some custom art for people? I'm interested in eventually buying a piece from you!

hippygram says:

I come from a family of artists and art lovers. All of their homes always had photos, prints, original art pieces on the walls. My dad (rip) always said, empty walls, empty hearts. I love your full hearts. OT, are your near the path of the full eclipse?

Kyle Jeffery says:

You should paint the wall with that design.

Tat Macey says:

Loved it! I wish you sold art like this!

Bridge says:

Yes!!! More vids like this!!! So sick!

Cathy Miller says:

Great to see your process again. Reminds us of the days when you did the stenciled pieces.

Ben Nicolson says:

Cinematography was great the graff was whack

JJ Quan says:

It's nice to see it go from your sketch book to canvas!

Ken Park says:

The original tribe tyler back in action.

Livah Luvah says:

Gosh dang it, i heart you kiddos! this was tres magnifique!
well done, per the uze.

Alex Carrillo says:

You´re the bessssssssssssssssssssssssssst

TracEy Monster says:

YES!!!!!!! These are the videos I miss so much!!!! Thank you so much for putting this out there for us (and Hailey) to enjoy!

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