DIY DOLLAR TREE GLAM WALL DECOR Dollar Store DIY Glam Wall Decor Candle Holder DIY Glam Room Decor

DIY DOLLAR TREE GLAM WALL DECOR Dollar Store DIY Glam Wall Decor Candle Holder DIY Glam Room Decor

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It’s another Dollar Tree DIY project! This is my very first collab and I’m so so excited about it! Kelly from Kelly Barlow Creations and I both did Dollar Tree DIY Mirror Wall Decor projects. Please head over to Kelly’s channel and see all of her gorgeous DIY projects! For my project, I show you how to make a DIY Dollar Tree glam mirror wall decor candle holder for an easy and cheap DIY home decor project. This dollar store DIY glam mirror wall decor candle holder can be used for DIY glam home decor, DIY glam room decor, or DIY glam beauty room decor. It’s an easy, inexpensive, and cute DIY glam room decor project.

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Latoyia Stewart says:

Hello I am a new subscriber of Kelly and yours. I have been watching you guys for a month and a half. And I like both you guys ideas. You guys are brilliant with what You come up with. I try some of yours and Kelly wall decor and it looks great. Keep it up. You guys are truly bless with that talent. Love the ideas.

giggles14 santana says:

I just love love love all your Dollar Tree ideas you just come up with the best stuff ever.

Tamara G says:

Beautiful… I made these for my living room and I absolutely love them. thank you Storee!! 🤗

Amanda Reed says:

Love it!! 😀 Clean, minimal, but very pretty. Gotta do this one. 🙂

pink butterfly says:

Kelly sent me over very nice TFS😃

Paradigm Rouge says:

I'm trying to figure out some creative ways to organize makeup using a black & white damask theme. Any ideas?

Jessica G says:

Simple, yet beautiful! I'm gonna try this!! Great ideas! New subbie Spring, Tx

Beth Hughes says:

You 2 are my favorite diyers. Even though your styles are different, I find that I find great ideas from both of you, and I've been able to incorporate bits and pieces of things you've both done into my home. Thank you!

Kayla Gohn says:

Do a house tour / closet tour :)!!!

Melody Hess says:

i been watchin alot of your video..and is so cute i really love all the little simple ideas..great job

Angel Whitt says:


joy house says:

Came over from Kelly's page. After watching this and looking at other videos I'm now a subscriber just love both of yals ideas

Kathleen Segovia says:

first time to your channel, found you through Kelly's channel, "KB Creations." I love the way you have collaborated with Kelly! It's wonderful to see both styles, I'll have fun trying to bring a little glam into my shabby chic style 🙌 Thanks So Much!

Fran Bullington says:

New subbie here from Kelly Barlow Creations. Love your wall decor – and glanced quickly through your other Dollar Tree DIYS. Wow! So many great ones to view. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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