DIY Dorm Room Makeover! Decor & Organization Ideas

DIY Dorm Room Makeover! Decor & Organization Ideas

Here is our DIY College Dorm Room Makeover video with DIY decorations and organization + life hacks & easy ways to spice up your room! Hope this gave you some college dorm inspiration and ideas! Love you guys!

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Gymnast ._.alicia says:

My dick is from Walmart 😉

Tahlia Nelson says:

First diy is around 1:14

dailey bonovan says:

2:41 random sure today I watched 25+ video that had that hack

beauty by sara says:

I going to go to college but i dont wanna get a dorm there this video helped cuz i wanna make my bedroom at home look like this thanks soo much

kristin McDow says:

I'm still graduated from high school

Jazzy Potato says:

Does anyone else search up back to school on YouTube because they need help shopping and like watching them

chii says:

I'm not going to collage until 7+ school years

Cady Wilkes says:

A unicorn does it matter if it is not centered.😐

Kyshanna Newkirk says:

The link isn't working 😩

Bilhah Ryan says:

Hey Eva Maus i am in 6th grade please make a video for diy room decore

Zyntauro says:

What state do you live in because those jmg things are cool and they remind me of jobs for Maine's graduates

nick orange says:

where do you get tapestrys?

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