DIY Faux Mirror & Crystal Tower Candle Holders | Dollar Tree Room Decor | Cheap & Easy Diy

DIY Faux Mirror & Crystal Tower Candle Holders | Dollar Tree Room Decor | Cheap & Easy Diy

Made out of scrap materials I had leftover from other projects. For this home decor diy project I made a set of beautiful glam mirrored candle holders. Of course the materials are mostly Dollar Tree materials and it’s super easy to recreate. I love how these sparkle! I was inspired by one candle holder I found online and the other one was all an original design. These tower candle holders can go with any mirrored decor you have and can be be custom sized for your preference so keep that in mind if you decide to do this project. I’m amazed how all these scrap pieces came together and made this. I hope you enjoy the video. I appreciate you taking the time to watch this. If you don’t know I work and do YouTube too so sometimes I get a little behind on my comments. I try really hard to reply to each and every single one but that’s not always doable. I plan on catching up this week and if I haven’t replied to you just know that I have read it and I truly thank you with all my heart! You’re amazing and I hope you have a wonderful blessed week and I see you again next week.

Materials for this project
1 – Foam Board
2 – Mirrored Plates
Diamond Wrap – Adhesive
Jot gems or clear gems from another craft store if you can’t find Jot Gems at DT
1 pk – Acrylic Gems
ANY Bling You Wanna Use
Jenga Wooden Blocks
1 – 4 pk of small mirrored FUNKY shaped bowls
Mod Podge and Glitter
1 – Sheet of mosaic mirrors HERE’s the link

I used a pack of 2 inch craft mirrors. I bought these in stores at Hobby Lobby. The ones on Amazon are entirely too expensive for me to list or recommend. I feel like that’s highway robbery and just can’t list 2 inch mirrors from Amazon at this time. For 6 mirrors the price is $16 which again blows my mind so use 1 inch craft mirrors and I order these myself all the time from Amazon. These always come in with NO broken pieces and no chips on the glass. The packaging is TOPS! They make sure you’re not getting broken glass.
You can put 8 of these together and make a 4×4 inch mirrored platform.

OR you can use some other bling, paint, glitter etc.
Small gems from Michael’s

Has anyone seen the NEW 4 inch mirrors that Dollar Tree has came out with to replace the 5 inch mirrors? One of those would be perfect. Yes at one of the DT stores I go to they no longer have 5 inch beveled mirrors in any shape. They are now smaller and straight edged.

Mosaic Mirrors

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Sista Suga says:

Absolutely beautiful and easy!

Sonya Covington says:

Both are beautiful, BUT, if I had to choose 1 it would be the big one

JoAnn Jones the 901 says:

I'm in love with both of the candle holder you are so awesome

Finin says:

Wow they are beautiful ❤️👍🏼

Muhsine Kaya says:

Wao süpeeeerrrr👍👏👏😃

Janet Williams says:

Love them beautiful..tyfs♡

Shelia Middleton says:

Love love love. Very very very Unique.

Deborah Kumah says:

I like them all

Wilda Edwards says:

Beautiful, I like both,but the taller one is my favorite

Design On A Dime Kwok says:

Heeeyyy lady Happy belated Mother's Day and I love love love how these turned out. You are so freaking talented 👏🏾😍👍🏾❤️

Katherine says:

Awesome loving them both but Tall one is my favorite

Crystal Silva says:

How did it look like sparkling down thru tower. U didn't stick fairy lights down inside tower but looked like. Must been reflection or ? But what a good idea making one clear and tower lights up too. Thanks

Revamped By Kay says:

They are lovely! What a clever creation! I love the tall one, it’s beautiful!

Marcy S says:

I didn't know modg podge could be used as a glue to hold those pieces down. Wow something new I learned. Thx

Gloria Hamlett says:

Omg I just love it

linda Armel says:

Beautiful Miranda as Always !!!!! 💝

Tohona Griffin says:

Beautiful project,I love the one with glitter,TFS

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