DIY Galaxy Room Makeover – Corinne Vs Decor

DIY Galaxy Room Makeover – Corinne Vs Decor

This week Corinne transforms her 2nd bedroom into her ultimate Harry Potter Galaxy Room. Yes…it turns out as crazy as it sounds!
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Rachel Milano says:

That room turned out amazing! I loved the idea of the dark with the star constellations! It turned out so good!

Angrydonutface says:

It looks so good!

nuna. odd says:

Awe I love the ducks and the bows what is wrong with me I’m 13 not 80


I like it but $2500 is way too much for me. You could have found some of the same stuff at the Goodwill.

Betsy Alvarado says:

I wanna know which constellation didn’t make it just to see if mine is on her cieling

Glo Montero says:

I love 💕 it !! GREAT JOB

Lilly Lilium says:

I'm in love with this room. So many whimsical details and magical fun 😍😍😍
For those who don't want to mess around with gold leaf: try gold self-adhesive vinyl. A little bit of a different look but waaaaay less messy and time-consuming 🙈

Amelia Brown says:

Bet you it was rob at the door with groceries

Stefanie Sombaty says:

I am wondering why you bought a particulate respirator for latex paint? Have never watched you before so I don't know if this was to be funny and dramatic especially, pressing so hard on the roller? You didn't have enough paint on the roller and it looked like you were using the wrong size. The room looks beautiful! Great vision. The paint color and wallpaper are amazing. If you ever do wallpaper again get a wallpaper tray or roll it in your tub to wet, then book it. It's much easier this way. So pretty!

Jordan Ross says:

This would be perfect decor for a unisex nursery

Nicklas M says:

I love that room!

kkaradin says:

v entertaining video, just a couple of notes, if you spent $4 or $400 on a collectible, get it professionally framed, yes it costs quite a bit sometimes, but you are going to save on your investment in the long run because it will be preserved, which is the point of framing, not just display. Long term storage in plexi without any room between the item and the plexi can lead to moisture getting in and ruining the fibers, as well as dust and dirt, and the item will fade. Spend the extra, you won't regret it.
Also, when painting from a light to dark color, prime with a tinted primer, cuts down on how many coats you have to apply.

Chantie Doesit says:


Ratoftheswamp says:

I'm new here, is she Wiccan? I saw her books and cauldron and it seems like she is.

Amber Harvin says:

Omygawd, I love it! You deserve to be on HGTV!

Alana says:

Where is that carpet from?!

Xeno Phobya says:

I would totally do this to a room in my house… or to my whole house.

*looks at bank account…* ……. ok nvm….

OR… I can just watch Corinne live out my dreams instead 😅

NaNcy K (Poppy Moonblossom) says:

Why are you shouting at us? We're not deaf…

Violet Punk says:

The wands in order are :
Your Wand
Snape's Wand
Narcissa's Wans
Luna's Wand
Voldemorts Wand

Leta Lestrange says:

This is the most ravenclaw room I’ve ever seen

Honey Cake96 says:

This is a true Ravenclaws room ^-^

Ivory Celeste says:

Didnt know I needed a witch room until day.

Brittany Louie says:

Omg this is amazing love everything you did work paid off ❤️

Jacqui G says:

I appreciate that you're complaining and showing that a lot of this is difficult. So many makeover vids are completely unrealistic.

Also the fact that the cats are climbing over everything. Real life.

Suzanne Glover says:

Where did you get your quidditch cat tree!?!? I must know!

Hoi Hallo says:

i really like the ceiling

Gabriella Booker says:

I absolutely love this!!! You just inspired me to paint my room and I’m so excited!

KD Violet says:

The magic is in every item and corner ♥‿♥

Destiny Adkisson says:

Corinne making you feel poor for 14 minutes straight 🤦‍♀️😂

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